Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Licensing changes FAQ

As recently blogged, a FAQ document around the licensing changes in AX 2009 was due for release. You can now download and review the document which will guide you through some of the licensing changes in AX 2009 which emphasis on the Dynamics Client for Office - the document can be downloaded from the UK Partner Portal here, and will be available on PartnerSource in the near future.

Posted By Fee Nolan

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  1. Havantaclue says:

    "Me thinks they complaineth too much" – well based on some of the arguments put forward a variation along the theme is reasonable to assume. Some of the arguments put forward show they were running out of ideas.

    This is not a logical solution for large service related companies and…. if named users are the norm then why not make all users named? Why – because it’s a stupid idea.

    So Oracle and SAP do it! Well they sell direct too. They will also negotiate on large licence deals because as authors they can do that. Are MS going to sell direct – just because they do.

    Come on MS – grow up. Think sensibly. Are you a leader or a follower. You want to play in the mid and  upper mid market. Act sensibly then or, as will happen, force all the partners to find a way round the licencing.

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