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The Partner Community is a group of networks set up and managed by individuals, partner organisations, and Microsoft employees.  The aim of this Community is to help members to communicate, share documents, and connect with other members and with Microsoft more effectively. 

We'd like to encourage you to join the Dynamics Partner Community.  Currently, this is the Alpha Test release of the Partner Community site, so your participation at this early stage will greatly help shape the focus and effectiveness of the community.   The full release is scheduled in the next few months.

A number of discussion groups have been set up including one for the AX Roadshows. Currently we're also utilising this to get your feedback on the What's New in AX2009 pre-learning content that has recently been posted onto PartnerSource. Follow the links below to join and access the AX Roadshow community and give your feedback....I know most of you are not exactly backwards in coming forwards so I'll be disappointed not to hear from you (and for those of you who have seen me disappointed, you'll know it's not a very good thing :0))

It’s really easy to access and participate in this new online network, simply...

·         Go to the

·         Select the ‘Explore the Partner Community’ button

·         Sign-in using your Windows Live ID (that you use to access other partner programme benefits)

·         Join a Network from the current list on the left hand side


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