Dynamics AX November Roadshows

The Guga and I will be hitting the streets again (well hitting Manchester and Reading) for the next set of Roadshows. We will have the usual updates from recent events such as Convergence along with a guest speaker....which I'm pleased to say that for once won't be me wearing a pair of sunglasses. The guest speaker will be an update around Payroll.....there are still spaces available in Reading so please do get booked on if you haven't done so already.

You can register for Reading via the Partner Learning Centre

Also, I have localised the AX 4 SP1 VPC so if you want a copy bring along your external hard drive to the session - I will run through the changes that have been made to the VPC and if you have a drive with you we'll get the image copied over during the day.

Posted By Fee Nolan

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