Dynamics Presales Training

Further to my recent posting regards the Presales Training we're running for partners here in the UK, I thought I'd update you on my experience - yes, we're not just expecting you to go through this training for the good of your health. All Presales folk within the Dynamics organisation will too be sheep-dipped - my sheep dip happened last week in Athens (yes I know it's a bit more glamorous than Reading!).

The training was hard work, but very rewarding, and there were quite a few things I either learnt or were reminded of. Microsoft decided to take the training up a gear in the form of a Demo World Cup - and I'm glad to say after multiple Demo Rounds, my team reached the Finals........and WE WON (clearly my management would have had words if I hadn't won!). I really feel this is partly down to my 2 day immersion in the softer skills associated with demos.

So in a nutshell - make sure you get yourself booked on the training (links in previous blog). And just to prove it - here's the winning team being presented with our World Cup Trophy from Cesar Cernuda

Posted By Fee Nolan

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