New Process for Collecting Product Suggestions

We've had some discussions recently about collecting product suggestions so the following is quite timely.

The way in which the Microsoft Dynamics product teams accept product suggestions and feedback via online properties is changing. This does NOT affect the mechanisms which are utilized for tracking product bugs and defects or other offline mechanisms such as research, advisory boards, etc.

Current Situation

Currently customers and partners have the ability to submit product suggestions and feedback via the public newsgroups. These feedback items are then automatically pulled into a Product Studio database which is triaged by our R&D teams for product planning and program management. Internally this system is called Community Watson and has been in place for 3 years. Read more about how the current process works here.

Moving to MS Connect

During the months of July and August 2007, we will be moving the front end submission form and backend database from Community Watson to a system called Microsoft Connect and a new Product Studio database, Dynamics Product Suggestions. You can learn more about MS Connect .

As each product development team is on boarded with the new process, the links to the suggestion forms on the various Microsoft Dynamics web sites (i.e. public communities, PartnerSource, and CustomerSource) will be updated and will point customers and partners to the new location.

So watch this space and the Dynamics sites for further announcements regards the change

Posted by Fee Nolan

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