Microsoft Dynamics AX Snaps on the AX 4 SP1 VPC image

Hopefully now most of you have the new AX 4 VPC image we've (as in the "Royal We" of Guga and Nolan) been distributing over the last couple of months.

Those of you who attended the Roadshows will know that the the image contains most of the AX Snaps which will need to be activated if you want to make use of them. The VPC DVD will contain scripts and instructions to get them up and running. No biggie - they're mainly activated through the Office Apps Trust Centres.

My personal favourites have been Timesheet entry from an Outlook calendar entry, and also the Business Data Lookup Snap. This can be used in Word, Excel and Outlook. For those of you who haven't seen BDL, it basically gives you the ability to surf AX data within the Office Applications, insert that data into documents and then attach those documents to AX records. So the user never has to leave the familiar environment they know and love as Office. I've demonstrated BDL within Word by using the scenario of a sales order clerk responding to a customer about a query and using a pre-prepared (blue peter style) template. This works really well in Outlook as well. After activating the BDL Snap in Outlook, when you open up a new mail, you'll have a new Snap Ribbon - this then gives you the ability to surf data in AX, and insert that data into the mail....which again works well in the scenario of the user responding to either internal/external queries regarding AX data, but without leaving their comfort zone of Office.

Give the new Snap scripts a go - and if any of you ask "what's snap" at the next Roadshow there'll be trouble.........

Posted By Fee Nolan

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