Change to Training Camp’s Dynamics AX Offerings

We're pleased to announce that Training Camp have recently changed their Dynamics AX Bootcamp offerings. Previously the bootcamp was 6 days of Financials and Trade & Logistics along with exams. The format has now changed to have 2 separate tracks for Financials (8 days) and Trade & Logistics (7 days), again to include certification, with the addition of Case Studies to help cement learning.

You can view the further details on Training Camp's website here

Posted By Fee Nolan

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  1. Training Camp is now Firebrand Training says:

    I thought your readers can benefit from this update.

    I would like to take the opportunity that Training Camp has been since 2001 been rebranded to Firebrand Training. For more information about Company history visit:

    As a 3x training company of the year and Microsoft Gold Partner, Firebrand Training still offers the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 training and exam as a 8 day course. Free practise tests are available to to see and measure where you stand before you commence any actual certification course. Furthermore, as you'll know VAT will change as from January 2011so it's only fair to address that doing courses before then will be as you guessed it….cheaper!

    For more details of this Microsoft course can be viewed on Firebrand Training's course resources <a href="…/ax-4-financials">Dynamics AX certification</a>

    Sarah Morgan

  2. Training Camp is now Firebrand Training says:

    Sorry about the 'href' link abnormality, here's a something more simple,…/ax-4-financials

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