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Energy Financial Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

On March 1st 2007, Energy Financial Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX will be made available on the Microsoft Dynamics AX pricelist in both the United States and Canada. Over the coming months, we will release in the UK, Russia and China. Energy Financial Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers the key functionality needed in the Energy Industry (particularly oil & gas and mining) for their financial operations including; Cost Center Management, Division of Interest (DOI), Joint Venture Billing, Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) and Gross/Net reporting allowing for real-time insight into their company’s financial results. 

Solution scope: Cost Center/Property Controls, Gross/Net Reporting, Joint Interest Agreements, Division of Interest, Authorization for Expenditure with Approvals Management, Authorization for Expenditure Supplements Cash Call Management, Joint Venture/Interest Billing, Cash Call Draw Management, Overhead Allocations, and Operational Reporting.

Target industries: Oil & Gas, Mining

For more info: Please don’t hesitate to contact WellPoint Systems if you have any questions to the above or want to learn more about this Industry Builder Solution:

Posted By Fee Nolan

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