Task Recorder Update

Hi All,

I've recently installed the AX Task Recorder to the most recent AX 4 VPC image, and it's working marvellously.

One thing to be aware of when you're installing it is to make sure you choose to update the labels. Once done, the task recorder is ready to rock and roll, and brilliant! You can record processes within AX and then output the recorded process to Word, PowerPoint and Visio, so absolutely brilliant for creating end user documentation.

The download is available on PartnerSource - see the recent Task Recorder post for the link.

Posted By Fee Nolan

Comments (2)

  1. swork says:

    When I install your Task Recorder my tool menu shows @RCT1926 on the menu.  

    The Application works but there don’t seem to be any objects

    Any help you can offer would be great


  2. ukdynamics says:

    Hi there, I had the same issue the 1st time I installed the task recorder. From memory when running through the install, there was a box I checked to ensure the correct labels were assigned that wasn’t referenced in the installation notes! Sorry for the delay in response.

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