New AX integrated Canned Demonstrations available

Have you ever been caught out in a situation as a sales person where you'd love to be able to show a complete end-to-end integrated demonstration including Microsoft Dynamics AX and the stack working together to address real life business issues, but don't know the product, and there's no resource available to demo it?

Well worry no more - the UK PTS team have been building out demonstrations that include AX 4 working with technologies such as Office 2007, Sharepoint, SQL Reporting Services, Business Scorecard Manager, Infopath, etc etc, and recording the demonstrations in the form of videos with narration, and click thru demonstrations.

The details can be found at the following link on the Parther Program website, more will become available over the next few months, and we'll showcase any updates at the various Roadshow events.

Have a look and see what you think.

Posted By Fee Nolan

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