Microsoft FRx and Microsoft Forecaster now available with Microsoft Dynamics AX in Business Ready Licencing

Beginning August 1, 2006, customers all over the world are able to take advantage of the benefits of a dedicated, easy to use budgeting and planning solution and integrated financial reporting- Microsoft FRx® and Microsoft Forecaster work directly with both Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 and 4.0 to help customers gain the control of the entire financial reporting, budgeting and planning processes and to effectively manage their business.

Microsoft FRx is optimized for fast, comprehensive creation of highly valuable and relevant financial reports. Benefits your customers can realize with Microsoft FRx 6.7 for Microsoft Dynamics AX include:

  • Direct integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX, helping ensure the integrity of financial data
  • Quick and easy creation and maintenance of boardroom quality reports
  • Flexible report creation and reusability of report building blocks
  • Easy distribution and publication of financial reports
  • Fast access to financial data, helping support better decision making by everyone in the organization
  • Easy reporting allows more time for analysis of information, rather than aggregation of information, helping organizations stay on top of business trends
  • Dimension Wizard allows for financial reporting using the dimensions within Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Forecaster is the fast and affordable way for customers to immediately realize the benefits of a dedicated budgeting and planning application. Some of the advantages your customers can recognize with Microsoft Forecaster 6.7 for Microsoft Dynamics AX include:

  • Accurate usage of historical data for easier budgeting and re-forecasting through integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Simplification and shortening of the budgeting process for better decision making
  • Greater reporting of budgeting data and actual results through an integration to Microsoft FRx
  • Improved insight to variances and potential business opportunity
  • Automatic roll-up and consolidation of budget numbers
  • Roll-based, collaborative participation and customizable input screens for relevant participation in the budgeting process
  • Ability to track status of budgeting process though Microsoft Forecaster’s workflow capabilities

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Posted By Fee Nolan

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