Synchronizing Multiple Nodes in Windows Azure

Check out this MSDN artcile here: This article for the Novemeber 2010 MSDN Magazine was written by one of our very own (ex) ADM’s – Josh Twist. Josh is a principal application development manager with the Premier Support for Developers team in the United Kingdom, and can be found blogging at


Getting good at Parallel: 1 – Cancellation

This is part of a short series of posts following my presentation ‘Getting Good at Parallel’ for the NxtGenUG Southampton user group. This post is all about the subtleties of Task cancallation in the TPL. The expectation is that you’re already at least vaguely familiar with Tasks (maybe because you attended my session) but to…


Cloud Artwork

Today I had a really enjoyable time presenting at the Microsoft Online Cloud Conference. A number of attendees have been in touch to ask for the slides. Confused as to why they were so popular I asked – they were mostly just pictures and not text – people seemed to like the images. This was…


Generating images using WPF on the Server

… and ‘plugging any nasty leaks you might see’. Recently I worked on a proof of concept where we wanted to leverage the power of WPF and DataTemplates on a server to generate images. This is actually surprisingly easy and, unsurprisingly, very powerful. The project planned to use WPF to generate images for a PivotViewer…


ADM SoundBytes: The Free Lunch is Over – Patterns for Parallelisation

  Our next SoundByte, “The Free Lunch is Over – Patterns for Parallelisation”, will be run on Friday 15th October 2010 from 11:00 – 12:00 UK Time. The session is charged at the rate of 1 hour from your ADM contract for up to 2 Live Meeting connections (and unlimited attendees at each of these…


Learning MVC: Backwards compatible routes

I’m lucky enough to have sneaked on to some MVC training created and hosted by my talented colleagues Simon Ince and Stuart Leeks. For some time now I’ve threatened to migrate blogging engine from ASP.NET WebForms to MVC and this is the perfect excuse to make this happen. As always, the whole idea of…


The ThreadPool is dead

Of course, the ThreadPool isn’t actually dead – it’s just hiding. Or at least it should be. Long live the Task Parallel Library. During my career I’ve got to play with some reasonably serious parallel challenges. As a result, I’ve posted a number of articles on this very subject in the past on this blog….


Taming ClickOnce – taking charge of updates

  What’s not to love about ClickOnce? I’ll tell you what… There’s no doubt that ClickOnce is a killer deployment technology with many of the benefits of web deployment combined with the rock-hard awesomeness of juicy-fat Windows applications. However, a little piece of me dies whenever I see an otherwise slick application using the mostly…


Template/ View Selection with MEF in Silverlight

One of my favourite features in WPF is the ability to have it automagically wire up a databound object (often a ViewModel) to a particular DataTemplate. A lot of people really miss this feature when using Silverlight as it’s still missing from the latest version (Silverlight 4 at the time of writing). Folk have blogged…


How to download and crack a Xap in Silverlight

Sometimes it is useful to be able to download extra functionality into your application at runtime. It’s always been possible to make a server call from Silverlight to download an extra assembly and load it into memory. But what if you’d like to download a bunch of assemblies in neat zipped up package. As I’m…