TechEd GadgetVote source code

For those people that attended Robert Garfoot’s TechEd Europe session on end to end development in WP7, here is the source code for his demos. In order to run the demo code you will need VS2010, WP7 SDK, Azure SDK. Running for the first time Run VS2010 elevated (needed for Azure) and build the project….


Initializing Auto-Start WCF/Workflow Services

AppFabric AutoStart feature is built on top of IIS 7.5 AutoStart feature. IIS 7.5 provides an extensibility point where you can specify your custom initialization providers which will be executed as part of application start-up and gives you the ability to perform costly initialization. For example, pre-populating an AppFabric cache. Windows Server AppFabric uses this…


Silverlight Navigation With the MVVM Pattern

I recently had a query from a customer that was one of those ones that you think “Aha! That’s easy, you just do this”. Then you think a bit more about it and realise that if you want to do it properly it’s not quite as simple as you first thought. This particular query related…


Workflow Activities and Data Templates

A.K.A. “Why won’t the workflow designer use my data template?” I was on site with a customer today writing some custom activities and found a problem that wasn’t immediately obvious how I could get around it (and indeed it’s taken me some hours of head scratching and debugging to finally find the answer). I have…


The ThreadPool is dead

Of course, the ThreadPool isn’t actually dead – it’s just hiding. Or at least it should be. Long live the Task Parallel Library. During my career I’ve got to play with some reasonably serious parallel challenges. As a result, I’ve posted a number of articles on this very subject in the past on this blog….


Taming ClickOnce – taking charge of updates

  What’s not to love about ClickOnce? I’ll tell you what… There’s no doubt that ClickOnce is a killer deployment technology with many of the benefits of web deployment combined with the rock-hard awesomeness of juicy-fat Windows applications. However, a little piece of me dies whenever I see an otherwise slick application using the mostly…


Controller Action Design in MVC

Validate, Act, Translate, and Respond. That’s about it. I’ve been trying to come up with a nice acronym for how to structure code in Actions for some time now, and this is the best I have managed. I wish it spelt a nice word – so if you’ve a better suggestion shout up. What I’m…


What on Earth is a Lambda Expression?

Recently I’ve spoken with a few customers that have asked what a Lambda Expression is, which surprised me. It seems that a second wave of developers  are now starting to use Lambdas (i.e. those that didn’t adopt C# 3.0 immediately) and need some pointers, so this post is intended to help you understand what they…


String.Unformat: I’ve created a monster

I don’t know if you’re the same, but when coding away I often find myself wishing for a String.Unformat function – call it the evil twin of String.Format. With String.Format I can build up strings like this;var result = String.Format( “http://{0}:{1}/{2}”, “localhost”, “12345”, “TestPage.aspx”); … which will return “http://localhost:12345/TestPage.aspx”. But what if I want to…


The Binding you wanted from day one in WPF

Remember when you started playing with WPF? Remember when you coded your first binding? {Binding ElementName=slider, Path=Value} and then remember what you wanted to do next? Something like this I’m sure… {Binding ElementName=slider, Path=Value/2} (in case you missed it, I’m trying to divide Value by 2). At least I know I’ve always yearned for basic…