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Windows 8: New User Interface Style App Development

20th – 22nd November 2012 | Microsoft Campus, Reading | 3 day workshop | 14 PSfD hours per

This workshop is a three day deep dive into the key developer concepts of Metro style development. The workshop takes you through the most important features and architectural concepts that you will find in the next release of Windows. Examples of these are the new UI, Process Lifecycle Manager, Tiles and Notifications and the different contracts to name but a few. After this workshop, you will have written a fully functional working application. This is a hands-on workshop that exposes students to the new programming model for Windows 8.


13th &14th November 2012 | Microsoft Campus, Reading | 2 day workshop | 8 PSfD
hours per delegate

ASP.NET MVC has matured since release and is proving to be very popular with our customers; many have deployed or are currently developing new applications with it. The ASP.NET MVC Ramp Up is a two day workshop targeted at getting your developers and architects up to speed fast, whilst retaining a strong focus on “doing it the right way”. It was created early in the life of MVC, so has become a proven format over the years and has been updated with each major revision of the framework.

SoundByte: Service Bus Server, the next generation
messaging middleware, Zulfiqar Ahmed

10:00am, 9th November 2012 | 1 hour webcast | 1
PSfD hour for 2 connection

Azure Service Bus is the core messaging middleware for Microsoft’s next generation on-premises and cloud workloads. Service Bus Server brings the same reliable & scalable middleware to on-premises workloads that has been available in the cloud for some time now. With 100% Azure compatibility, customers can easily move their workloads between on-premises and Azure. This session will be a preview of the recent Beta release of Service Bus Server; we will discuss server architecture, its messaging capabilities and the supported programming models.


SoundByte: Programming Visual Studio with Nuget and
Powershell, Rob Garfoot

3:00pm, 9th November 2012 | 1 hour webcast | 1
PSfD hour for 2 connection

This SoundByte will cover how to use the PowerShell console that ships with NuGet to add new cmdlets to Visual Studio to automate common tasks. By the end of the session you will be familiar with:

  • How to build a NuGet package that can be
    deployed to Visual Studio to deliver a PowerShell module
  • How to build a PowerShell module that exports
    commands capable of controlling Visual Studio
  • Providing IntelliSense to the cmdlets for easier
    use and pipelining capabilities
  • See examples of building a couple of simple
    cmdlets to demonstrate the process

Knowledge of NuGet, Visual Studio automation and PowerShell
is not a pre-requisite.

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