Partition limit increased to 15,000 in Sql 2008 R2 SP1

Just been going over the whitepaper ‘Support for 15,000 partitions in Sql 2008 SP2′ which is now updated to be ‘and Sql 2008 R2 SP1′ – which is fortunate because:

1) it was updated in March this year, and
2) has a concrete reference to Sql 2008 R2 sp1 (we’re currently at CU #6, released in Feb), and
3) 7 years of daily partitions is now viable on R2.

None-the-less, some interesting points to pull out:

  1. We recommend 16GB of Ram for large number of partitions
  2. Running sp_db_increased_partitions <dbName>, ‘on’ will update the version number of the database
    1. This means you can go from Sql 2008 SP2 to R2 provided you merge back the partitions or straight to R2 SP1.


Looking at the fix list for CU6, and having applied it, it doesn’t look like it’s made it in *yet*.



Original post by Ryan Simpson on 07/04/11 here:

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