SoundByte: Windows Azure Orientation

Windows Azure Orientation, Level 100, 15th April, 10-11am UK Time

Our next SoundByte, “Windows Azure Orientation”, will be run on Friday 15th April 2011 from 10:00 – 11:00 UK Time. The session is charged at the rate of 1 hour from your ADM contract for up to 2 Live Meeting connections (and unlimited attendees at each of these connections). If you require further information on this subject after the event, you can of course engage with the ADM team as usual to setup a suitable session.


SoundBytes are short, focused, technical sessions aimed at developers and architects, delivered by an ADM over Live Meeting. Attendees will be given time to ask questions, and receive a copy of the material presented in the session.



 Windows Azure Orientation, Level 100, 15th April, 10-11am UK Time

Date & Time

15th April 10am




 1 hour for up to 2 Live Meeting connections per ADM contract


You’ve heard about the cloud, and you might have heard about Microsoft’s Windows Azure. This short session will get you up to speed with the features that Windows Azure offers today. If you want a quick orientation around the potential this new platform brings to the table, join in to see what the platform is, what applications you can run on it and how compatibility with your current implementations might be achieved. Use this as a springboard to deeper discussions with the ADM team to explore how you can leverage Windows Azure in the next evolution of your software.


The session is aimed at a technical audience wanting a quick view of what azure is today. So Dev leads and Architects. Other sessions are aimed at Programmer’s and business users.


To book a place on this SoundByte, please contact your ADM, specifying the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of all the required attendees.

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