ADM SoundBytes: Identity in the cloud

Our next SoundByte is: “Identity in the cloud: Access Control Service usage scenarios”


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SoundBytes are short, focused, technical sessions aimed at developers and architects, delivered by an Application Development Consultant over Live Meeting. Attendees will be given time to ask questions, and receive a copy of the material presented in the session.




Identity in the cloud: Access Control Service usage scenarios – Zulfiqar Ahmed 

Date & Time  


17th January 2011 from 11:00am UK Time







Claims based security has now become the common model for securing web application and services, both on-premise and in the cloud. Microsoft is already offering ‘Identity as a Service’ functionality in the cloud and the Access Control Service is the backbone of this offering. In this session, we’ll introduce Access Control Service V2 and demonstrate its capabilities for on-premise and cloud based solution. This will be a deep dive session covering various identity related technologies including WIF, AD FS 2.0 and ACS V2.





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