Using ASP.NET MVC and jQuery to create confirmation prompts

Having coded up samples several times showing how to add confirmation prompts to links on a web page I figured I’d post it here so that I can simply grab it next time round! My colleague Simon Ince & I put together a Ramp Up session for ASP.NET MVC 2. As part of the Ajax…


What is hard to do in Web Development?

Patterns and Practices are spinning up their next round of guidance soon, and they want to know what to focus on… so go and answer their incredibly short survey if you want your chance to make a difference to what they produce! Check out Karl and Don’s posts with links to the survey. Don’t be…


View Model versus Domain Entity Validation with MVC

I blogged way back in January about what I see as the three variants of View Model usage in ASP.NET MVC. If you’ve not read that post, check it out here and report back! The Problem What I’ve started to see is that many other developers like my approach of defaulting to Variant 2 (a…


TechEd GadgetVote source code

For those people that attended Robert Garfoot’s TechEd Europe session on end to end development in WP7, here is the source code for his demos. In order to run the demo code you will need VS2010, WP7 SDK, Azure SDK. Running for the first time Run VS2010 elevated (needed for Azure) and build the project….


Different Routes for Different Hosts Using Constraints

I had the pleasure of visiting some guys in Munich this week to talk about ASP.NET MVC. Well, the time with them was a pleasure, but I did have two awful airport experiences due to snow in 48 hours! Something we discussed that I’ve come across before is using different routes depending upon the domain…


Synchronizing Multiple Nodes in Windows Azure

Check out this MSDN artcile here: This article for the Novemeber 2010 MSDN Magazine was written by one of our very own (ex) ADM’s – Josh Twist. Josh is a principal application development manager with the Premier Support for Developers team in the United Kingdom, and can be found blogging at


Future of Silverlight

If you want to know more about the future of Silverlight, then the Silverlight Firestarter event today (2nd December 2010) is the event you want to attend. The event will be held at Microsoft Campus in Redmond but if you can’t be there, you can watch the live webcast. The registration for the event is now open (follow…


Initializing Auto-Start WCF/Workflow Services

AppFabric AutoStart feature is built on top of IIS 7.5 AutoStart feature. IIS 7.5 provides an extensibility point where you can specify your custom initialization providers which will be executed as part of application start-up and gives you the ability to perform costly initialization. For example, pre-populating an AppFabric cache. Windows Server AppFabric uses this…


ADM SoundBytes: Identity in the cloud

Our next SoundByte is: “Identity in the cloud: Access Control Service usage scenarios”   It is charged at the rate of 1 hour from your ADM contract. For this price you may have up to 2 Live Meeting connections, and you are of course free to use these to broadcast to a room full of…


Changing the User Account for Reporting Services 2008 (not R2) in SharePoint 2010 in Integrated Mode

It looks like the R2 documentation is either wrong, or simply doesn’t apply when you’re trying to change the account for reporting services Sql 2008. I also found the online docs for 2008 didn’t match what I was seeing (detailed here: After changing the account in the configuration manager, the give away message was in…