Team Foundation Server Overview Workshop

Team Foundation is a set of tools and technologies that enable a team to collaborate and coordinate their efforts on building a product or completing a project. Team Foundation enhances team communication, tracks work status, supports team roles, enacts the team process, and integrates team tools. We have devleloped this 2 day overview workshop so that you can get a view on how TFS can help your software development. For existing customers, if you would like take advantage of this Workshop within your organisation, please contact your ADC. If you are not currently engaged with Application Development Consulting and are interested in this Workshop, please contact

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is at the core of Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy. The server provides a platform to deliver a repeatable proffessional software development process across many stakeholders in the development process (such as developers, testers, database professionals, project managers and business analysts). Many development teams find the adoption of a product with so much to offer to be somewhat daunting and are looking for advice and guidance about the best approach to get started.

The Team Foundation Server Overview Workshop is delivered by the ‘Application Development Consulting’ team over 2 days onsite with your development team. The first day is primarily is primarily presenter driven showing the key components of the TFS product. The second day concentrates on discussions on getting setup and started with TFS within your organisation, looking at the deployment requirements for your organisation and the migration paths from exisiting toolsets. Where migration is not desirable we will be highlighting key areas for integration back into these tools. Over the course of the two day overview we will discuss:

  • Work Items and Traceability of Work (such as Requirements, Bugs and Tasks).

  • Source Code Control.

  • Unit Testing.

  • Build Process.

  • Reporting and Administration.

Developers, Testers, Architects, Database Professionals, Project Managers and Business Analysts and anyone within your organization who would participate in the application lifecycle.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008 is at the core of Microsoft’s integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy providing tools, processes, and guidance to help the development team work effectively together in a consistent way.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Collaborate and communicate more effectively with other team members and business stakeholders.

  • Ensure software quality using advanced quality tools at every step of the application life cycle.

  • Gain visibility into project activity and priorities to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

  • Provide better predictability and planning through integrated process and methodology support.

  • Increase productivity and quality through integrated and familiar tools.

  • Reduce costs through better visibility of your development process.

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