Windows Platform Developer Updates Feb 2016

  Windows 10 version 1511 is here, the first major update to Windows 10 since release in the summer. And it brings a number of exciting new features, such as the release of Windows 10 for Mobile, bringing Windows 10 to phone devices, including new phones supporting the amazing Continuum for Mobile where your phone…


Windows 10 Continuum Developer Experience

Developing for Continuum means building an adaptive Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that runs on any screen size, powered by a phone. There are a handful of considerations for developers as they think about Continuum. Some of these considerations are integral to your success on our platform, and some are more advanced and therefore optional….


Windows 10 and Continuum for Phone

With the release of Windows 10 Mobile and the line up of Lumia devices I wanted to share some experience of using Windows Continuum. Lumia 950 range 5.2”/5.7” Quad HD Amoled display, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 Hexa-core/810 Octa-core, 20 MP sensor, Triple LED natural flash, 5 MP wide angle front camera, large 3000mAh/3340mAh removable batteries, USB-C™…


Unity Game Developer Contest 2016 1st Prize $25,000

  Taking your game to Windows is a cinch, and Microsoft has published some handy guidelines to walk you through the process. Once you’re done, publish to Windows Store, and you’ll connect with an audience of over 110 million. Plus, who knows, you could win up to $25,000. Lovely! 1st prize $25,000 2nd prize $10,000…


Support for video interstitials on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10

         Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK for Windows 10 The Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK is now available for Windows 10 devices. The ad SDK also supports Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 apps. The new ad SDK is built using native code and does not require .NET runtime, reducing the memory used and increasing performance….


Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Release Candidate Now Available and Visual Studio Code for Mac, Windows and Linux

  Download for Free Today The Release Candidate (RC) for Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 is now available for you to download for free and is offered in all of the core Visual Studio languages. You can explore what’s new in this release by checking out our release notes or by watching short feature videos found…


Windows 10 Student Game Jam

To bring the best of Build to more developers around the world including a Windows \\Build Tour kicking off May and running until June We will also be hosting Microsoft Imagine Windows 10 Game Jam For more details see BUILD CONFERENCE (April 29 – May 1) #build2015 Give the conference sold out so quickly,…


Cocos2d-x $25,000 Game Development Contest

Cocos2d-x is a open source, cross platform set of game development tools used by developers. This week Microsoft Open Technologies group announced the option to use JavaScript to develop Windows Universal Apps using Coco2d-x. This will allow developer to us a combination of JavaScript and C++ and Cocos2d-x for Windows and Windows Phone games. Cocos2d-x…