Source Control for Data Science – using Azure DevOps / VSTS with Jupyter Notebooks

So many of you will know about Binder is a awesome tool that allows you turn a Git repo into a collection of interactive Jupyter notebooks and it allows you to, open those notebooks in an executable environment, making your code immediately reproducible by anyone, anywhere. Jupyter Notebooks in the cloud Another great interactive…


Microsoft Security Code Analysis (Private Preview)

Run security analysis tools in Azure DevOps Pipelines The Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) Guidelines recommend that teams perform static analysis during the implementation phase of your development cycle. The Microsoft Security Code Analysis extension empowers you to do so, easily integrating the running of static analysis tools in your Azure DevOps pipelines. The private preview…


Microsoft \\Build starting 10th-12th May 2017

Software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways and developers are at the centre of it. At Microsoft Build 2017 we invite you to join us in downtown Seattle to learn about latest new technologies and exciting plans on the horizon. Microsoft Build is filled with strong technical sessions as well as opportunities to…


Shorten release cycles, improve quality and increase value–teach DevOps

Visual Studio provides a complete DevOps solution that streamlines continuous deployment, delivers value, testing, Release Management, mobile application development; all on any language and any platform to both Cloud and on premise scenarios. There are so many FREE training events and webinars from Visual Studio UK, these sessions are delivered by a mix of Microsoft…


Implementing Academic Projects using Microsoft Technologies

  One of the projects, I have been working on over the last few months is the development of a infrastructure architecture for students projects within Universities who have implemented Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. There are number of key requirements   1. Enablement of Authentication for students, academics and TAs  – with institutions…


DevOps and Toolsets – Teaching Performance Engineering

  I have been working with a University over the past few weeks helping them implement a new course on Performance Engineering which encompass a lot of DevOps practices,  think the teaching and awareness of DevOps is a excellent, within Industry there are real consequences if an organisation is unable to deliver apps or services…


Migrating your TFS to the Cloud

Team Foundation Server customers have been asking Microsoft to be able to import their TFS databases to take advantage of all the great capabilities of Visual Studio Team Services. Well the good news is a Preview of the TFS Database Import Service for Visual Studio Team Services is now available. The VSTS team have deployed…


Overview of the Azure Resource Manager Template Development Workflow

  So at present I’m supervising a number of industry student projects and the teams are now getting to deployment stage of the projects. We have been discussing with the teams the use of ARM templates to allow them to deploy their infrastructure via DevOps practices. I have discussed ARM templates in a number of…


Getting Started with Visual Studio Team Services

Visual Studio Team Services Visual Studio Team Services is a platform for taking care of all aspects of the process for developing software or as we call it the Software Development Lifecycle, You can share documents and code with your team, report bugs etc.. Visual Studio Team Services VSTS is an online hosted Microsoft service….


Using GIT CMD prompt with Visual Studio Team Services

You will need to go online to your visual studio online subscription and create a new Visual Studio Team Services First we need to create alternative credentials in such way we can login to the GIT repository in visual studio online from the command line.  With Oauth your users don’t have to provide their…