Azure CLI Image Copy Extension – allows you to copy virtual machine images between regions with just one command.

This is an extension to azure cli that allows copying virtual machine images between regions with just one command. The extension simplifies the process and also enables you to save time by copying to multiple regions in parallel. This is now becoming a question I am getting a lot from UK Academics who now wish…


Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables organisations to deliver Azure services from their own datacenter

  This week I got into a discussion around Data Centre strategy. The institution in question, where this happened are presently defining a new strategy on datacenters. The institution is presently considering a cloud option but one of their key requirements is that they maintain an on premise datacenter. During the discussion I simply made…


Microsoft Azure Dev Test Labs–The perfect solution for your Institution lab environment

  Microsoft Azure DevTest Labs gives developers on-demand, self-service, Azure-based test environments. Academics can quickly create environments and resources in Azure while minimizing waste and controlling cost. Also, Dev Test labs allows you to create pre-provisioned environments for training and demonstrations so they are the perfect solution for building out classroom and lab resources for…


Choosing the most appropiate Azure Virtual Machine Specification

  Want to Understand Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine, specification offerings? Here a step by step guide of getting to grips with the Hardware offering available with Azure So what are the current offering in terms of CPU, Memory and GPU vs the Hardware specification (details correct 12th Sept 2016) The following is a high level…


Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine for Windows and Linux now available

    The Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine is an Azure virtual machine (VM) image pre-installed and configured with several popular tools that are commonly used for data analytics and machine learning. The tools included are: Microsoft R Server Developer Edition Anaconda Python distribution Jupyter Notebooks IDLE Azure Machine Learning Cortana Sample Gallery Microsoft Azure…


Teaching Minecraft why not host your own server on Microsoft Azure for £1.50 per month

  Discover how to create a Minecraft Virtual Machine on Ubuntu on Microsoft Azure in minutes using a pre-prepared Virtual Machine Image from VM Depot. This image contains fully configured Minecraft server, with Spigot, a project which seeks to improve performance of the Minecraft server and mark2, a convenience wrapper for the Minexraft server tools….


Welcome to the Azure Marketplace

The new Azure Marketplace has launched and has over 3103 services and produces now available. Simply put  Azure Marketplace is a one stop shop for you to enhance productivity and performance. You can simply search and deploy thousands of solutions to simplify the development and management of applications on Azure from Linux virtual machines  to…


Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition Azure Virtual Machines

  We recently announced a new version of Visual Studio.What was interesting in the announcement of Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition which would replace the existing Visual Studio Express and Professional and that it would be a free development tool. Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition simply has all the feature which the Visual Studio Professional…


Azure RemoteApp – stay productive anywhere, and on a variety of devices – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android

Azure RemoteApp  allows you to stay productive anywhere, and on a variety of devices – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android. RemoteApp simply lets you run the Windows applications you want or need on a Windows Server in Azure, where they’re easier to scale and update. Users can access their applications remotely from their…


Technology Primers for Cloud Services

Cloud Services are just one of Azure’s compute models. Think of a ‘compute model’ as the motor of a vehicle. Every type of powered transportation needs an engine to roll, fly, or sail. In the same way, every Azure app needs an engine to process data and perform tasks. But the motor is specialized to…