Performance of running NNs across Azure GPU Series Data Science Virtual Machines

One of the question I regularly get, from Student and academics is, Which NN runs the best on Azure? Caffe2MXNetGluonCNTKPyTorchTensorflowKeras(CNTK)ChainerKeras(TF)Lasagne(Theano)Keras(Theano) NNs on Azure So Azure has lots of support for these including prebuilt Azure Batch shipyard container see  So one of our colleagues Ilia Karmanov has developed a set of jupyter notebooks for the…


Microsoft Azure Low-priority Virtual Machines – take advantage of surplus capacity in Azure.

Low-priority VMs make new types of Batch workloads possible by providing a large amount of compute power that is also economical. See example at  Low-priority VMs Take advantage of surplus capacity in Azure. When you specify low-priority VMs in your pools, Azure Batch can automatically use this surplus when available. Low-priority VMs are offered…


Microsoft’s Batch AI Service – Train & test machine learning models, on pools of GPU machines.

Microsoft Batch AI Microsoft’s Batch AI Service is a new service that helps you train and test machine learning models, including deep learning models, on pools of GPU machines. It simplifies the process of creating a cluster of machines and training on it using many popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, and…


A first step into Azure Functions and other Azure services

Guest blog by Johannes Goslar Microsoft Student Partner at Oxford University   About Me Let me introduce myself first. I am Johannes – usually called Johnny – Goslar. I got into development around 2011 by programming iOS games and am currently reading for a MSc in Computer Science at the University of Oxford. More information…


Visual Studio Code and the AI Extension with Azure Machine Learning Work Bench

Guest blog by Rudraksh Shankaran  Microsoft Student Partner at University College London About Me: Hello! I’m Rudraksh Shankaran and I’m a 1st year Computer Science student at UCL. I’ve been very passionate about technology since middle school. I’m not a programming expert as I’m only a 1st year but have aspirations, however, I’m an avid…


Interactive Designs with Microsoft Bot

Guest post by XinYue Microsoft Student Partner at Oxford University About me Hi I’m Xinyue. I study computer science and psychology at Brown University, and am currently a visiting student at Oxford. Interested in illustration, graphical arts and writing, I hope to combine human-centered design with technology. Introduction to Bot Framework Ever want to have…


An Introduction to Azure Functions in Java

Guest post by Jin Sun Park Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College About Me Hello! My name is Jin Sun Park and I am currently a second year Computing student at Imperial College London. I’m originally from Korea, but I grew up in Singapore and the Philippines. My academic interests include data science and computer…


Interested in Quantum Computing

At today’ Day 1 of Microsoft Future Decoded The team from StationQ announced the future of Quantum computing at Microsoft. If your interested in learning more about the announcements and the availability of Quantum programming and support simply visit


Microsoft’s software for quantum computing, Liqui|>

Guest post by Vani Asawa Microsoft Student Partner at Oxford University About me Hi! I am Vani Asawa, a second year student at the University of Oxford studying Mathematics. Originally from India. I have always been very passionate about science and technology and knew from a very young age that I would be working in…


Introduction to Microsoft Intelligent Edge

Guest post by Ivaxi Miteshkumar Sheth Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College About me I am Ivaxi Miteshkumar Sheth. I am a year 2 student at Imperial College London pursuing Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Since childhood, I have been interested in Mathematics and Technology. With my degree, I am looking forward to building various projects…