AI resources for blending Microsoft AI Data Science into your curricula

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proving to be a massively disruptive force, one that is leading to the digital transformation of businesses at a faster pace than most of us would have imagined. At Microsoft, we have developed two sets of Boot Camp materials This curriculum is primarily oriented towards these two personas which meet the…


The definitive guide to the coding interview

Guest blog by Andrei Margreloiu Microsoft Student Partner at University College London About Me My name is Andrei Margeloiu and I’ve been a competitive programmer for the last five years. I’ve participated in the World Finals of Google HashCode, the largest algorithmic competition organised by Google, and before that, I won three Gold Medals in…


Donaco UK Imagine Cup National Winners

Guest blog from Imagine Cup UK National Finals Winner team Donaco from Imperial College London The Team Donaco was thrusted forward during the 3Hack event, a hackathon organized at Imperial College London in collaboration with Microsoft, where we met Suleiman Mashini, an Electrical and Information Engineering student, and Monika Shrestha, a Msc Management student at…


Imagine Cup 2017 UK National Finals–What a day it was

    Guest blog by Siddhartha Chaturvedi  from Microsoft Independent Software Vendor team at Microsoft UK Myself and David one of this year Imagine Cup UK Finalists.   A few weeks ago, we held the Imagine Cup 2017, UK Finals – and what a day it was! We saw a bunch of amazing ideas -…


Microsoft Spot Market – My university industrial project

Guest post by Maya Afshar from University College London What is this all about? As a Computer Science student at university, I sometimes felt conscious if I am spending my time learning things that will help me with to tackle real-world problems. By real-world problems, I mean the ones engineers and product managers at companies…


6 Weeks of AI starting April 4th 2017

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising and disrupting how business is done and the implications will create significant challenges and opportunities for you and your business. The Microsoft UK team are launching a new series of videos that is aimed at explaining some of the key technologies that make up the field of Artificial Intelligence, the series…


From student to Evangelist–Stand out at Hacks and take opportunities

Being an part of the Microsoft ecosystem changed everything. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my experience and how to make the most of it. Guest post by Sean McGee, Developer Evangelist at Esri UK What do I do? I’m a Developer Evangelist at Esri UK. Which basically means I’m a professional developer/networker….


A view from Redmond by a UK Microsoft Student Partner

  This is a guest post by UK Microsoft Student Partner Mariam Elgabry from Imperial College London.   Twitter   Travelling on my first 10-hour flight to WA as a selected Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) to represent the UK for Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) Global Summit of 2016 – needless to say, I…


Interview with UK Imagine Cup World Citizenship Finalist – Ribonostics from University of Exeter

       Interview with team Ribonostics Yemi Fenuyi from University of Exeter   · Why did you enter the Microsoft Imagine Cup I think there’s a long answer and a short answer, but the long answer is definitely more interesting. In first year, I could only envision myself with one foreseeable future; medicine. Essentially,…