Hololens Resources and Demos

Here are some useful resources for getting started Development environment for HoloLens https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us/developers https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/uktechnet/2016/10/12/hololens-is-available-to-purchase-for-developers-and-enterprise-customers-in-the-uk-heres-everything-you-need-to-know/ Link to ordering page for HoloLens https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msuk/en_GB/pdp/Microsoft-HoloLens-Development-Edition/productID.5073602000 There is no discount for academia or for bulk orders. An example of Hololens / Skype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QiGYtd3qNI Royal College of Surgeons: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/nov/17/medical-trainers-look-to-virtual-reality-tech Here is an example of how Japan Airlines are looking at Hololens:…


Azure Cloud–GPU for DataScience and Academic Activities such as Cloud Rendering

I am really excited in the way some UK Universities are using Azure GPU Cloud services, back in Dec 2016 we announced the general availability of the Azure N-Series. GPU Cloud Compute services.  The availability of Cloud GPU was certainly a interest point for students, academics and researchers and I had a number of UK…


New Features in Microsoft Flow

  Microsoft Flow is a product to help you set up automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. The first step is to sign up, or, if you already have an account with Microsoft, you can directly sign in on your tablet, your desktop computer,…


MSFTImagine Guthub resources for Academics and Student getting started with Azure

  We now have recorded versions of some of our workshop content from GitHub (https://github/msftimagine/computerscience) on Microsoft Virtual Academy The following modules include hands on content: • Azure Storage and Cognitive Services (https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/azure-developer-workshop-storage-cognitive-ml-stream-analytics-containers-and-docker–17033?l=HIEitbPND_406218965)• Azure Machine Learning (https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/azure-developer-workshop-storage-cognitive-ml-stream-analytics-containers-and-docker–17033?l=qdSkbePND_7806218965• Azure Stream Analytics and the Internet of Things https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/azure-developer-workshop-storage-cognitive-ml-stream-analytics-containers-and-docker–17033?l=ehbJHgPND_6206218965)• Azure Containers and Docker (https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/azure-developer-workshop-storage-cognitive-ml-stream-analytics-containers-and-docker–17033?l=A0uXKhPND_5606218965) For each topic you…


Azure Machine Learning Cheat Sheet

Guest blog post by Microsoft Student Partner Shravan Nageswaran from Imperial College London.  Shravan is currently studying for a Joint Mathematics and Computer Science degree at Imperial College London. In my spare time, I do a variety of things, especially play drums and piano, compete in the Model United Nations, swim, read, and play basketball….


Data science in 5 steps with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

  Cats vs Dogs a guest post by Microsoft Student Partner, Lars Hulstaert from the University of Cambridge. Lars is current studying for an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science (focussed on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning) Introduction Data science and machine learning are hot topic nowadays. Getting insights in vast amounts of data allows…


Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 Starter Pack Get your teams ready

    This blog has a whole host of information specific to the UK Imagine Cup, that will allow you to get started in preparation for your submission for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017. Who can enter the Imagine Cup? Any University student in the UK can enter the Imagine Cup! Whether you are in your…


A view from Redmond by a UK Microsoft Student Partner

  This is a guest post by UK Microsoft Student Partner Mariam Elgabry from Imperial College London.   Twitter www.twitter.com/MariamElgabry11   Travelling on my first 10-hour flight to WA as a selected Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) to represent the UK for Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) Global Summit of 2016 – needless to say, I…


It’s Time to Switch from MongoDB to Microsoft Azure

Jingya Wang is a Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College London, the following is a guest blog from Jingya on why to switch from MongoDB to Azure and its No SQL Services for your student projects. twitter handle – https://twitter.com/JWT0T GitHub link – https://github.com/JWT0T Introduction You are deciding on which database you should use for…


Engineering the Future MS Research Open Day for Grads 23rd Nov

  We’re hosting an open evening at Microsoft Research Cambridge on Wednesday 23 November, 17:15-19:30, aimed at highlighting engineering and research opportunities to the public. The event will be held in the lobby area and auditorium, where there will be talks and demos throughout the evening, plus food and drinks. More information can be found…