Microsoft Security Code Analysis (Private Preview)

Run security analysis tools in Azure DevOps Pipelines The Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) Guidelines recommend that teams perform static analysis during the implementation phase of your development cycle. The Microsoft Security Code Analysis extension empowers you to do so, easily integrating the running of static analysis tools in your Azure DevOps pipelines. The private preview…


Microsoft HoloLens in academia unlocking new surgical procedures

Last week we had a great event at Microsoft London with a number of UK Academic institutions. These Universities have been working on Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens. During this session, a select number of invited UK universities were invited  to share the work that they have been doing with HoloLens across different curriculums, with…


Interested in Quantum Computing

At today’ Day 1 of Microsoft Future Decoded The team from StationQ announced the future of Quantum computing at Microsoft. If your interested in learning more about the announcements and the availability of Quantum programming and support simply visit  Resources Learn more at the Microsoft Quantum website: Download the Quantum Development Kit:…


Building an Assignment Bot with Microsoft Bot Framework

Guest blog by Wang (Leonard) Ge Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College London About me Hello! My name is Leonard I’m a 2nd year student, studying Computer Science Engineering at Imperial College London My interest areas mainly include front end development, Here is my LinkedIn profile and my GitHub: Introduction With the advancement…


Debug R with R Tools for Visual Studio

Guest blog by Christo Lolov, Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College London What is R R is a statistical computer language which allows you to achieve your analytical goals by writing scripts. It is a scripting language because it is evaluated while it is being read by the computer rather than first being translated into…


Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio for Mac brings the IDE loved by millions to the Mac. It offers developers an integrated environment to build, debug, test, and deploy apps, games, and services for mobile, web, and cloud. Teams across PC and Mac can share code seamlessly by relying on the same solutions and projects. With access to the…


Hands-on Introduction for Getting Started with F# in the Browser using

Guest blog by Jin Yun Soo Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College About Me Hello, I am Jin. EnJineering is my tonic. I study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, and have been involved in tech education and outreach through teaching children and teens coding. I am also a student champion/volunteer at the…


Moving workflows to Visual Studio Code

Since its inception two years ago Visual Studio Code has proven itself to be a remarkably versatile and adaptable editor. Its availability across Windows, Mac, and Linux also makes it appropriate for a number of different workflows that developers may have previously used terminals, editors, or IDEs for. This article explores a number of alternative…


C# 7.0 and Beyond

Guest blog by Microsoft Student Partner Henry Thompson  I’m an incoming third year studying Computer Science at Cambridge University and a Software Engineer Intern with Microsoft at their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. I love to write code as my hobby, and hope to focus on programming language semantics for my final year university project. I…


A gentle introduction to functional programming for web programmers using F#

Guest post by Thomas Denny Microsoft Student Partner at the University of Oxford About Me Hi I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Oxford. I am the president (2017-18) and was the secretary (2016-17) of the Oxford University Computer Society, and a member of the Oxford University History and Cross Country societies….