Design against crime & Microsoft Azure with Shiny

Guest blog by Mariam Elgabry Microsoft Student Partner at UCL Crime Science Department uses azure to host a shiny webapp Microsoft student partners IN ACTION! Mariam Elgabry is a Microsoft Student Partner at the University College London completing her Masters of Research on Security and Crime Science whilst entering her PhD on future crimes. She…


Azure Notebooks Overview with Shahrokh Mortazavi Free hosted Jupyter Python/R/F# REPL for learning

Learn more about the FREE Jupyter Notebooks services which is hosted on Azure with a interview with  Shahrokh Mortazavi Azure Notebooks Lead, So Azure Notebooks are free hosted Jupyter Python/R/F# REPL for learning to program all the way to mastering Data Science. Azure Notebooks Project Jupyter


University of Oxford’s Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme Data Hack

Guest blog by Ellen Pasternack, DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford About me   Hi! I’m Ellen Pasternack, a DPhil candidate in the University of Oxford’s Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme. LinkedIn: I’m studying sexual selection in red jungle fowl, and I also blog about biology at As part of my training…


Debug R with R Tools for Visual Studio

Guest blog by Christo Lolov, Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College London What is R R is a statistical computer language which allows you to achieve your analytical goals by writing scripts. It is a scripting language because it is evaluated while it is being read by the computer rather than first being translated into…


Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine Tutorials

There are so many interesting data science and AI tutorials, which are open-sourced, and ready for the DSVM These tutorials available at Here some of my favourite tutorials which are perfect for introducing students to Data Science. Jupyter Notebooks Comparative study on deep learning frameworks R Based templates Flight prediction solution Employee attrition prediction…


R is fun & easy with R Tools for Visual Studio (RTVS)

Guest post by Gorata Ramokapane, Microsoft Student Partner I’m a second-year student in University College London pursuing a degree in Statistics, Economics and Finance. In my first year of university I completed a module that basically introduced me to programming using R specifically on Rstudio. This further nourished my interest in data science. Recently, I…


Discussions around JupyterHub Infrastructure at JupyterCon

One of the main discussions I have been having at JupyterCon has been around the architectural models of How JupyterHub can be deployed within academic institutions, classes or groups. The following is a quick overview of the potential architectual solutions of Jupyterhub this has been explained in more detail at the following blog  …


Running JupyterHub on and off campus Architectural Scenarios

Dedicated Hardware Environments for hosting JupyterHub On premise – Own Maintain, secure and Operate the services Installation JupyterHub can be installed with pip (and the proxy with npm) or conda: pip, npm: python3 -m pip install jupyterhub npm install -g configurable-http-proxy python3 -m pip install notebook # needed if running the notebook servers locally conda…


There’s a Visual Studio package for that! Building for Data Science In Visual Studio

Python Tools for Visual Studio Visual Studio 2017 provides rich integration for Python, covering various scenarios from machine learning to desktop to IoT to the web. It supports most interpreters such as CPython (2.x, 3.x), IronPython, Jython, PyPy, … along with the Anaconda distro and access to thousands of packages on PyPI. For the list…


Matrices, Data Frames, Functions, Conditionals, Loops with R

  Guest post by Slaviana Pavlovich Microsoft Student Partner My name is Slaviana Pavlovich. I am an IT and Management student at University College London with a passion for data science. I recently completed the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science, where I developed core skills to work with data. If you are also interested…