Remote Collaboration on Python Projects with VSCode

  Guest post by Robert Jordan and Noah Gift Bios Robert is a software architect with over 20 years designing, implementing, and deploying production applications for some of the worlds largest media and scientific customers. He is a founder at Pragmatic AI Labs: Noah is a ML lecturer for UC Davis Graduate School of…


Azure Notebooks at Imperial College Machine Learning Society

My name is Harry Churchill and I am currently a second-year undergrad studying Mech Eng at Imperial College London and a Microsoft Student Partner. I am interested in cryptography, all things space exploration and the field of machine learning. Machine Learning Society Earlier this year, I was part of a group of students that set…


Azure Notebooks Overview with Shahrokh Mortazavi Free hosted Jupyter Python/R/F# REPL for learning

Learn more about the FREE Jupyter Notebooks services which is hosted on Azure with a interview with  Shahrokh Mortazavi Azure Notebooks Lead, So Azure Notebooks are free hosted Jupyter Python/R/F# REPL for learning to program all the way to mastering Data Science. Azure Notebooks Project Jupyter


University of Oxford’s Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme Data Hack

Guest blog by Ellen Pasternack, DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford About me   Hi! I’m Ellen Pasternack, a DPhil candidate in the University of Oxford’s Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme. LinkedIn: I’m studying sexual selection in red jungle fowl, and I also blog about biology at As part of my training…


Introducing Students to Microsoft Azure Notebooks using Jupyter and Python

The Microsoft Student Partners at UCL ran a recent event with the UCL Data Science Society Facebook event URL: to introduce students at UCL to Jupyter Notebooks service which is hosted on Azure called this a FREE service which offers students with o365 accounts or a Microsoft account single sign on. The event…


Utilising Azure Notebooks for learning new programming languages (like Python)

Guest post by Sidak Pasricha Microsoft Student Partner at UCL About Me Hello! My name is Sidak and I’m pursuing Computer Science Engineering at UCL. My interest areas mainly include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Video Game Development but I am open to any other technologies as I enjoy learning new skills and languages. One of…


Microsoft Deep Learning Virtual Machine

The DLVM is a specially configured variant of the Data Science VM DSVM that is custom made to help users jump start deep learning on Azure GPU VMs. The DLVM uses the same underlying VM images of the DSVM and hence comes with the same set of data science tools and deep learning frameworks as…


Recognizing celebrities on pictures with Azure Computer Vision API and Azure Notebooks

  Guest blog by Tomasz Czernuszenko, Microsoft Student Partner About me Hi there! My name is Tomasz and I study computer science at UCL. I’m an author of programming courses on YouTube covering Python, Visual Basic, and Android whose reach has recently passed one million views. This summer, I worked at a Fintech company on…


Discussions around JupyterHub Infrastructure at JupyterCon

One of the main discussions I have been having at JupyterCon has been around the architectural models of How JupyterHub can be deployed within academic institutions, classes or groups. The following is a quick overview of the potential architectual solutions of Jupyterhub this has been explained in more detail at the following blog  …


Build your first deep neural network with Microsoft A.I. tool CNTK (Step by step guide)

  A guest post by Chih Han Chen , Microsoft Student Partner from Imperial College London. I am currently a second year PhD student at Imperial College London. My research is mainly on expert systems and artificial intelligence for personalized decision based on genetics. I am interested in the application of informatics, big data, machine…