Containers & Redis – Running Redis on Windows with Docker

This is a Story About How Docker Saves Redis on Windows This is a guest blog by Jingya Wang, who is a Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College London. Introduction The first time I came across Docker, was during my internship at Microsoft Research Asia. The project involves the use of Redis, and ‘the Redis…


A overview of Cognitive Data Science at Hack Cambridge

Guest blog from Charlie Crisp, Microsoft Student Partner at the University of Cambridge Charlie has been a Microsoft Student Partner at the University of Cambridge and one of the organisation committee for Hack Cambridge Hack Cambridge has recursed! After more than half a year of preparation, Cambridge’s biggest Hackathon has finally returned, and this year…

Optimizing your emails using Microsoft Flow

Hello, my name is Christo Lolov  I am a second-year Computing student in Imperial College London. I am a member of a couple of student societies, take part in several online courses, follow a few newsletters, and send and receive a lot of university related emails. As such, I often find it difficult to…


Azure Machine Learning Cheat Sheet

Guest blog post by Microsoft Student Partner Shravan Nageswaran from Imperial College London.  Shravan is currently studying for a Joint Mathematics and Computer Science degree at Imperial College London. In my spare time, I do a variety of things, especially play drums and piano, compete in the Model United Nations, swim, read, and play basketball….


Data science in 5 steps with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

  Cats vs Dogs a guest post by Microsoft Student Partner, Lars Hulstaert from the University of Cambridge. Lars is current studying for an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science (focussed on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning) Introduction Data science and machine learning are hot topic nowadays. Getting insights in vast amounts of data allows…


Creating my first ChatBot using Microsoft Cognitive Services and Python

Guest Post by Microsoft Student Partner Kai Alan Du, Hacking My 1st Chatbot With special guest: Microsoft Cognitive Services Hi everyone my name is Kai but some people call me by English middle name, Alan . I am studying Computer Science at Imperial College London. I am passionate about hackathons, games, drawing and using Photoshop….


A view from Redmond by a UK Microsoft Student Partner

  This is a guest post by UK Microsoft Student Partner Mariam Elgabry from Imperial College London.   Twitter   Travelling on my first 10-hour flight to WA as a selected Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) to represent the UK for Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) Global Summit of 2016 – needless to say, I…


It’s Time to Switch from MongoDB to Microsoft Azure

Jingya Wang is a Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College London, the following is a guest blog from Jingya on why to switch from MongoDB to Azure and its No SQL Services for your student projects. twitter handle – GitHub link – Introduction You are deciding on which database you should use for…


Imagine Cup 2011 World Wide Finals

The 2011 Microsoft Imagine Cup Finals took place yesterday from 16:00-19:00 EST (NYC Local Time) 8pm to 11pm GMT you can watch a video recording of the stream here. The “World Festival Awards Ceremony” will be held at the David H. Koch Theater at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in downtown New York City! …

Microsoft Supporting Britain Works

Giving people the opportunity to acquire workplace skills and experiences, Get the essential technology, design, and business tools that will help your students land the job of their dreams after graduation. Britain Works will help today and tomorrows students to learn new skills, improve and enhance  current skills, get real-world experience through internship programmes, and…