Using Microsoft Flow to automate common education tasks quickly

Introducing Flow collections: sets of templates organized by role or by vertical. To start off, we’ve released four collections for marketing, human resources, software development, and education. Get the power of Flow to go, with the Microsoft Flow app. Learn more.   Resources


How to Build a Chat Bot Using Azure Bot Service and Train It with LUIS

Guest blog by Enyi Shang from Imperial College London. Hi, I am Enyi. I am a Microsoft Student Partner studying Computing in Imperial College London and am going to start my second year this fall. Besides math, technology, and programming, I am also into languages, art, and sports in general. Introduction If you haven’t had…


Hybrid Data & Services – Connecting your datacentre to Azure

So what are the options for creating Hybrid Data & Services where you want services in the Azure cloud such as Data Science VM, Notebooks, Databases and services still on Premise JISC (JaNET) and Azure Peering Back in 2013 Microsoft and JaNET announced a peering agreement here what some academics think of the opportunity Paul…


There’s a Visual Studio package for that! Building for Data Science In Visual Studio

Python Tools for Visual Studio Visual Studio 2017 provides rich integration for Python, covering various scenarios from machine learning to desktop to IoT to the web. It supports most interpreters such as CPython (2.x, 3.x), IronPython, Jython, PyPy, … along with the Anaconda distro and access to thousands of packages on PyPI. For the list…


Azure Notebooks are 2 years old how are they being used in academia?

In a few weeks time I will be speaking at Jupytercon about the use of Azure Notebooks within education. As part of my preparation I thought it was a good time to  summary of the Azure Notebook journey, in 2015 Azure Notebooks were added to Azure ML Studio. Azure Notebooks have become a powerful canvas…


Microsoft IoT Roadshow – watch it anywhere! 22nd and 25th August 2017

The Hackster Microsoft Roadshow is brought to you by This is an exploratory, first look workshop into how IoT leverages cloud technologies. We’re providing two sessions so that no matter what time zone you’re in, you’ll have a chance to watch. The two sessions are identical. This five hour workshop is designed primarily for…


3Hack – the unusual hackathon What to watch out for when organising Hackathons

Last month I wrote this quick overview blog on setting up successful hackathons This blog is a Guest blog by Polena Lilyanova  Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College Hackathons Hackathons are probably one of the greatest things about being involved in the IT field! Without any doubt, I can say that this is a…


Project Prague: Revolutionizing User experiences using Natural User Interfaces

Guest blog by Kiran Gopinathan Microsoft Student Partner at UCL Hi, I’m Kiran Gopinathan, a Second-Year Undergraduate student at UCL, and today, we’ll be using Project Prague to build an Application on the Windows Presentation Format with a gesture driven interaction model. About Me As a developer, I particularly enjoy programming in C due in…


Matrices, Data Frames, Functions, Conditionals, Loops with R

  Guest post by Slaviana Pavlovich Microsoft Student Partner My name is Slaviana Pavlovich. I am an IT and Management student at University College London with a passion for data science. I recently completed the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science, where I developed core skills to work with data. If you are also interested…


nbgrader to automate assessment and grading with JupyterHub on Azure Data Science VM

Jupyter notebook on Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine The Anaconda distribution on the Microsoft Data Science VM comes with a Jupyter notebook, an environment to share code and analysis. The Jupyter notebook is accessed through JupyterHub. You sign in using your local Linux user name and password. The Jupyter notebook server has been pre-configured with…