Using the Data Science VM within your classes

The Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine or Deep Learning Virtual Machine are customized VM image on Microsoft’s Azure cloud built specifically for doing data science. It has many popular data science and other tools pre-installed and pre-configured to jump-start building intelligent applications for advanced analytics. It is available on Windows Server and Linux. We offer…


Source Control for Data Science – using Azure DevOps / VSTS with Jupyter Notebooks

So many of you will know about Binder is a awesome tool that allows you turn a Git repo into a collection of interactive Jupyter notebooks and it allows you to, open those notebooks in an executable environment, making your code immediately reproducible by anyone, anywhere. Jupyter Notebooks in the cloud Another great interactive…


Data Science in Visual Studio Code using Neuron, a new VS Code extension

Guest post by Lorenzo Silvestri, Electronic and Information Engineering Student at Imperial College London. Introduction In this post, I’ll give a short explanation of neuron, a Visual Studio Code extension that aims to be a one-stop-shop for data scientists. It’s an extension I developed as part of a team of students at Imperial College London,…


Visualising climate change using Jupyter Notebooks.

A beginners guide to using Jupyter Notebooks on the Microsoft Azure Notebooks services to visualise data  By T.T. Ouzounellis Kavlakonis Microsoft Student Partner at University of Cambridge  About Me: Hello planet Earth! Welcome to my first blog post. My name is Theo and I am a first year Engineering student at Trinity College, University of…


Innovative assessment by deploying and Microsoft Azure at Imperial College

Guest post by Victoria Murphy Imperial College London A new computational course in the Department of Earth Science & Engineering will benefit from innovative software deployed at Imperial College London. Students of the Applied Computational Science and Engineering MSc programme will develop software to solve real-world science and engineering problems, from modelling asteroid impacts to…


Azure AI Gallery enables developers and data scientists to share their analytics solutions.

Azure AI Gallery is a community-driven site for discovering and sharing solutions. Learn how to contribute. The Gallery has a variety of resources that you can use to develop your own analytics solutions. Students can try Azure Machine Learning for free. No credit card or Azure subscription is required. What can I find in…


Cloud Computing a blended learning approach to education

The growth in cloud presents challenges for companies to source expertise that securely supports their business when migrating/deploying services to the cloud-particularly Small-Medium-Enterprises(SME) with limited resources. The UK Government recently published the Digital Skills Crisis report, identifying skill-set challenges facing industry,with a shortage in cloud skills negatively impacting business. Microsoft released their report to help…


Understanding your GPU Performance on Azure with GPU Monitor

So I get lots of questions from Academics. Many are now around performance and optimisation of cloud services. Or simply understanding what students are doing with the resources. Many are specifically around the measurement and management of Azure GPS being used in the teaching of DNN, ML and AI most common is ‘what’s the best…


Coding for biology using Jupyter Notebooks

Guest post by Dr Benjamin Hall  University of Cambridge Part of the new world of biology is understanding how to best use computers to do research. Whilst the field of computational biology isn’t new, novel ideas constantly in computer science and mathematics opening up new ways of working and addressing problems. Adopting these techniques can…


Azure Notebooks Overview with Shahrokh Mortazavi Free hosted Jupyter Python/R/F# REPL for learning

Learn more about the FREE Jupyter Notebooks services which is hosted on Azure with a interview with  Shahrokh Mortazavi Azure Notebooks Lead, So Azure Notebooks are free hosted Jupyter Python/R/F# REPL for learning to program all the way to mastering Data Science. Azure Notebooks Project Jupyter