Azure Machine Learning WorkBench

Getting Started with Machine Learning Workbench for Windows: Install the Azure Machine Learning Workbench on your computer running Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, or newer. Create Azure Machine Learning Preview Account Download the latest Azure Machine Learning Workbench installer AmlWorkbenchSetup.msi. Double-click the downloaded installer AmlWorkbenchSetup.msi from your File Explorer. Finish the installation by following…


Getting Data into Azure Notebooks–Jupyter in the classroom

Jupyter provides the basis of the Azure Notebooks user experience. There are many ways to get your data in your notebooks ranging from using curl or leveraging the Azure package to access a variety of data all while working from a Jupyter Notebook. Here are some of the most popular ways Use curl to retrieve…


Using External data with Azure Jupyter Notebooks

One of the vital requirements for academics is to provide a single data set to allow all there students to utilise for undertaking experiments. By hosting data on a Blob Storage account you can allow students connect and undertake experiments using Azure Jupyter Notebook  in a pretty straight forward manner. Data can be uploaded…


6 Weeks of AI starting April 4th 2017

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising and disrupting how business is done and the implications will create significant challenges and opportunities for you and your business. The Microsoft UK team are launching a new series of videos that is aimed at explaining some of the key technologies that make up the field of Artificial Intelligence, the series…


Learning more about the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine 4th April 6pm–7pm

Public webinar on DSVM This webinar focuses on demonstrating how the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) in Microsoft Azure conveniently enables key end-to-end data analytics scenarios by providing users immediate access to a collection of the top data science and development tools of the industry, completely pre-configured, with worked out examples and sample code. We…


Big Data on Azure with No Limits Data, Analytics and Managed Clusters

HDInsight   Reliable with an industry leading SLA Enterprise-grade security and monitoring Productive platform for developers and scientists Cost effective cloud scale Integration with leading ISV applications Easy for administrators to manage   Resources & Hands on Labs for teaching Cluster Types available on Azure Hadoop Governed by the Apache Software Foundation Core services:…


Data on Azure

  Simply put the choice of database is now huge! Data on Azure is also a huge area with lots of technologies both Microsoft and Open Source being available Architecture of Data services on Azure Different databases are designed to solve different problems. Using a single database engine for all of the requirements usually leads…


Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables organisations to deliver Azure services from their own datacenter

  This week I got into a discussion around Data Centre strategy. The institution in question, where this happened are presently defining a new strategy on datacenters. The institution is presently considering a cloud option but one of their key requirements is that they maintain an on premise datacenter. During the discussion I simply made…


Migrating data between different cloud providers

I wanted to share a few options to how you can easily migrate data between various cloud providers such as Google or Amazon to Microsoft Azure. For various reasons, many customers want the ability to easily and efficiently move data from other providers or services such as  Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3) to…


OpenStack and Azure – Hybrid Data Centers

OpenStack is the most widely deployed open-source software for building and managing public and private clouds, and one of the fastest growing open-source projects in history. OpenStack is a collection of community driven, open-source cloud computing projects that meets your private cloud needs for Windows & Linux applications, and can extend to public cloud environments….