Azure Deep Learning and ND, NC series with NVidia

ND and NCv2 Series VMs generally available ND-Series virtual machines (VMs) are specifically designed for the needs of artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning workloads, offering excellent performance for training and inference: ✓ They are powered by NVIDIA Tesla P40 GPUs based on the new Pascal Architecture and provide excellent performance for FP32 (single precision…


Bored of MNIST? Let’s build your own OCR deep learning computer vision AI using Microsoft CNTK with EMNIST (Step by step guide)

Guest post by Chih Han Chen , Microsoft Student Partner from Imperial College London. I am currently a second year PhD student at Imperial College London. My research is mainly on expert systems and artificial intelligence for personalized decision based on genetics. I am interested in the application of informatics, big data, machine learning, data…


Microsoft’s Batch AI Service – Train & test machine learning models, on pools of GPU machines.

Microsoft Batch AI Microsoft’s Batch AI Service is a new service that helps you train and test machine learning models, including deep learning models, on pools of GPU machines. It simplifies the process of creating a cluster of machines and training on it using many popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, and…


Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine Tutorials

There are so many interesting data science and AI tutorials, which are open-sourced, and ready for the DSVM These tutorials available at Here some of my favourite tutorials which are perfect for introducing students to Data Science. Jupyter Notebooks Comparative study on deep learning frameworks R Based templates Flight prediction solution Employee attrition prediction…


There’s a Visual Studio package for that! Building for Data Science In Visual Studio

Python Tools for Visual Studio Visual Studio 2017 provides rich integration for Python, covering various scenarios from machine learning to desktop to IoT to the web. It supports most interpreters such as CPython (2.x, 3.x), IronPython, Jython, PyPy, … along with the Anaconda distro and access to thousands of packages on PyPI. For the list…


Matrices, Data Frames, Functions, Conditionals, Loops with R

  Guest post by Slaviana Pavlovich Microsoft Student Partner My name is Slaviana Pavlovich. I am an IT and Management student at University College London with a passion for data science. I recently completed the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science, where I developed core skills to work with data. If you are also interested…


How to implement the backpropagation using Python and NumPy

I was recently speaking to a University Academic and we got into the discussion of practical assessments for Data Science Students, One of the key principles students learn is how to implement the back-propagation neural network training algorithm. Many students start by learning this method from scratch, using just Python 3.x and the NumPy package….


Using Shibboleth and Domain Connecting your Data Science Virtual Machine

Installing Shibboleth and federating it with your Office365 AAD A number of institutions have contact me asking how they can configure a Shibboleth server running on Windows Server or Linux. The following details are from Azure Engineers James Evans and Ashley Reason. Installing Shibboleth on Windows Please note: Shibboleth configuration XML file content is case…


Using DSVM Jupyterhub with AAD authentication

One of the key questions,  we have had recently is.. How institutions can improve data science experience utilising the  Azure Linux Data Science VM by providing Single Sign on for users to services such a Jupyterhub via AAD accounts and authentication? Typical Data Science Workflow Guest blog from Alberto De Marco Technology Solutions Professional –…


Now available on Azure Marketplace – Ubuntu Data Science Virtual Machine

Ubuntu Linux Data Science Virtual Machine is now available is now released on the Azure marketplace.   What is the Data Science Virtual Machine   The Data Science team will continue to support CentOS and Windows Data Science Virtual Machine ‘DSVM’. The team have made some major enhancement to the DSVM offering with the Ubuntu…