Introduction to Cognitive Services by Microsoft Student Partners

The UCL MSP team recently ran a very successful event on Microsoft Cognitive Services: (The event page has been viewed more than 20,000 times!) GitHub repo for the the second part of the event can be found at : Photos from the event: We would like to highlight the contributions of a…


OxfordHack Winners of the Microsoft Cognitive Challenge

Interview Bot: Using Cognitive Services To Analyse Your Interview Performance At the end of November, we headed for OxfordHack 2017, where participants from over 25 countries visited to compete against each other, with companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, JP Morgan and many more sponsoring the event. This article will highlight our experience and explain some…


Microsoft Cognitive Services: The Language Understanding (LUIS)

Language Understanding (LUIS) A machine learning-based service to build natural language into apps, bots, and IoT devices. Quickly create enterprise-ready, custom models that continuously improve. is part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, the Language Understanding (LUIS) service provides simple tools that let you build your own language understanding models (intents/entities) to help any bot or…


Utilizing Custom Vision AI for creating Cognitive Services Projects

Guest post by Sidak Pasricha Microsoft Student Partner at UCL Personal Introduction: Hello! My name is Sidak and I’m a Microsoft Student Partner currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering at UCL. My interest areas mainly include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Video Game Development but I am open to any other technologies as I enjoy learning new…


Using Microsoft Cognitive Emotion API with Android App Studio

Guest blog by Suyash Kabra. Microsoft Student Partner at University College London About me I am a 2nd year Computer Science student at University College London. I am passionate about hackathons, playing video games, listening to music and watching movies. I am really interested in cognitive services as well as virtual/augmented reality and machine learning….


Capturing Occupant Well-being Through Facial Expressions using Microsoft Cognitive Services

Guest post by PhD Student Mark Allen from the University of Cambridge you can read more about me at my blog at About me I am a second year PhD student at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge with broad academic interests ranging from architecture to biomimetics. A civil engineer by training, these…


Recognizing celebrities on pictures with Azure Computer Vision API and Azure Notebooks

  Guest blog by Tomasz Czernuszenko, Microsoft Student Partner About me Hi there! My name is Tomasz and I study computer science at UCL. I’m an author of programming courses on YouTube covering Python, Visual Basic, and Android whose reach has recently passed one million views. This summer, I worked at a Fintech company on…


Microsoft Custom Vision API and Intelligent Edge with iOS 11

To enable developers to build for the intelligent edge, Custom Vision Service from Microsoft Cognitive Services has added mobile model export. Custom Vision Service is a tool for easily training, deploying, and improving custom image classifiers. With just a handful of images per category, you can train your own image classifier in minutes. With the…


Microsoft Cognitive Services Translation API with Python & C#

If you want to programmatically translate text from one language to another, then the Translation service (translation api) is the right one for you. The Microsoft Translation Service just requires an authentication via a Microsoft Cognitive Services API Key and then you can easily translate text from one language to another. By leveraging the scale…


Understanding Data Science and Machine Learning

Machine Learning Tools and Architecture Cognitive Services API: Provides a broad set of API’s for vision, speech, text, knowledge and search. Azure Gallery: Find existing models you can use out of the box. Azure Machine Learning: Build powerful models using a web based drag and drop interface. Microsoft R Server: Build R models and more…