Micro:bit: the ‘All-in-one’ device that you have been missing out on

Guest blog by Ana-Marie Nicolaie Microsoft Student Partner at University College London. My name is Ana-Maria Nicolaie and I am a second year Biomedical Engineering student at UCL. I am originally from Romania, but I chose to pursue my further studies in the United Kingdom because I felt that this place is ‘The Holy Grail’…


Azure Craft A hack for kids and parents to learn AI Programming

Guest blog by Richard Conway, ElastaCloud, Microsoft MVP Regional Director, Azure UK User Group AzureCraft was conceived in 2016 by myself, Richard Conway, the co-founder of the UK Azure Users Group, Andy Cross and Allan Mitchell, one of the founders of SQLBITS, the largest SQL conference in Europe. Our idea stemmed from the fact that…


So what can you do with your Microbit and the Azure Cloud?

  Meet Damian Burrin , Damian started working as one of the first dedicated school ICT technicians back in 1994 cutting his teeth on Riscos 3 , Nexus networks and Windows 3.11 networking after having completed an HNC in Computing.  After getting frustrated at seeing ICT taught as a throw away subject by non-specialist he…


Adding Extensions to your Visual Studio Team Services Environment

  I was having a interesting discussion with an academic today, the discussion was around the development of interesting projects for students. One of the biggest opportunities I can see from the academic community is the development of extensions for Visual Studio and VSTS. About 9 months ago Microsoft launched the extensibility platform for Visual…


Getting Started Microbit & Microsoft’s new https://pxt.microbit.org Environment

Create your first game We will be using the new Block/JavaScript Development environment https://pxt.microbit.org When codethemicrobit.com loads you see the following screen What we need to do is start a new blank programme simply click more new project We now have a blank project Step 1: Getting started We want the micro:bit to choose rock,…


Teaching Java with Visual Studio Code why is this better than Eclipse

  Java is one of the major practical and widely-used languages that fall within the Object Oriented family. Many institutions use Java as a first-year teaching language and generally teach the Java course is intended to: 1. Provide all of our students with exposure to a common programming language that can be used by later…


So why do Linux and Mac Devs love Visual Studio Code

I just wanted to share some of my favourite feature of Visual Studio Code https://www.visualstudio.com/ Any language, any OS Available on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows OS X, Linux, and Windows support Runs natively on the operating system of your choice Get up and running in minutes and be productive no matter what OS…


Coding curriculum for beginners and educators

Microsoft has released a new computer science curriculum designed for teens who may not have expressed much interest in computer programming – and teachers who don’t necessarily have any background in the field, either. The curriculum, called Creative Coding Through Games And Apps, is available for free to any educator who wants to use it….


Cross Platform development with Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio Online

One of the great advantages of being an educational establishment or a student is access to Microsoft Imagine and Software from DreamSpark. Today there is a huge desire for students to learn and build applications for as many platforms as possible. As educators and students you need to learn and embrace modern way of doing…