Installing Python Packages to Azure Notebooks

One of the key questions we get from academic around the use of Azure Notebooks is that its critical that we know whether specific python packages can be made available to students. The easy answer is yes and there are actually a couple of options for academics, so that you can ensure packages are…


Recognizing celebrities on pictures with Azure Computer Vision API and Azure Notebooks

  Guest blog by Tomasz Czernuszenko, Microsoft Student Partner About me Hi there! My name is Tomasz and I study computer science at UCL. I’m an author of programming courses on YouTube covering Python, Visual Basic, and Android whose reach has recently passed one million views. This summer, I worked at a Fintech company on…


Using Microsoft Flow to automate common education tasks quickly

Introducing Flow collections: sets of templates organized by role or by vertical. To start off, we’ve released four collections for marketing, human resources, software development, and education. Get the power of Flow to go, with the Microsoft Flow app. Learn more.   Resources


Azure Virtual Machine auto-shutdown

A few months ago I wrote this post and this post where I share the top 8 tips for saving your Azure Account $/£ see In this post I just want to focus on the methods available to auto-shutdown VMs within Azure. Using Auto-Shutdown within This is available to all the ARM-based…


How to Build a Chat Bot Using Azure Bot Service and Train It with LUIS

Guest blog by Enyi Shang from Imperial College London. Hi, I am Enyi. I am a Microsoft Student Partner studying Computing in Imperial College London and am going to start my second year this fall. Besides math, technology, and programming, I am also into languages, art, and sports in general. Introduction If you haven’t had…


Research Software Engineering (RSE) Cloud Computing Awards with Microsoft

The Research Software Engineering Cloud Computing Awards supported by Microsoft are aimed at enabling RSEs to explore, educate and extend cloud computing for researchers. Microsoft has championed the Research Software Engineers initiative since its inception. We are strong supporters and participants in the RSE community, and advocate the importance of RSEs as a key pillar…


Wanting Azure at your institution

Option 1. Microsoft Imagine Access This offer provides special Azure access rights to students that are validated through the Microsoft Imagine program. Enrol here Microsoft Imagine gets you started with the Microsoft Azure services you need to develop in the cloud at no cost* using Visual Studio Community 2015. This benefit provides you access…


Automated Installation of BigDL Using Deploy to Azure & DSVM

BigDL is a distributed deep learning library for Apache Spark*. Using BigDL, you can write deep learning applications as Scala or Python programs and take advantage of the power of scalable Spark clusters To make it easier to deploy BigDL, Microsoft and Intel have partnered to create a “Deploy to Azure” button on top of…


Discussions around JupyterHub Infrastructure at JupyterCon

One of the main discussions I have been having at JupyterCon has been around the architectural models of How JupyterHub can be deployed within academic institutions, classes or groups. The following is a quick overview of the potential architectual solutions of Jupyterhub this has been explained in more detail at the following blog  …


Hybrid Data & Services – Connecting your datacentre to Azure

So what are the options for creating Hybrid Data & Services where you want services in the Azure cloud such as Data Science VM, Notebooks, Databases and services still on Premise JISC (JaNET) and Azure Peering Back in 2013 Microsoft and JaNET announced a peering agreement here what some academics think of the opportunity Paul…