Windows Phone 7 App Development

        Getting Started & Fundamentals The basics of creating Windows Phone applications, particularly as it relates to the user interface. Get Started Creating a Windows Phone Application Creating the Windows Phone User Interface (XAML) Using Controls Types of Controls Working With Text On The Windows Phone Layout On The Screen Screen Orientations…


Windows Azure supports open source PHP/Eclipse and Drupal

Learn more about Windows Azure and Windows Azure Interoperability with PHP with these great new and updated tutorials below. Using Worker Roles for Simple Background Processing Getting the Windows Azure Pre-Requisites via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 Getting the Windows Azure Pre-Requisites Via Manual Installation Deploying Your First PHP Application with the Windows Azure…


Microsoft Windows 7 & Office 2010 – Windows Slate device support

Over the past few days I have had a number of questions, regarding the oppurtuity of institutions providing IT equipement as part of the overall student experience. In particular I have had lots of questions regarding Windows Tablets or the new Slate form factor.  I personnal use a Windows 7 ThinkPad x201 with a multitouch enabled screen which I simply…


The Power of Kinect SDK

So UK Student’s and Academic’s are you doing anything as cool or interesting as this? [View:] We would really love to hear about how your using Microsoft Technology and software in your curricula or research.  Tell us and and share your outcomes and experiences at the Faculty Connection UK Linkedin Group


What is the STEM cirriculum?

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Aims and objectives of Microsoft: To support Academics in delivery of the STEM curriculum. To support industry in reducing the STEM skills gap and understanding of modern software skills. To raise the profile of Science, Technology,  Engineering and Maths within the Academic Community. To provide STEM students with access to the lastest skills and sofware….


Discover Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010

Learn new ways to easily create, express and share your ideas. Now faculty and students can view, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. Microsoft Office can help you handle the writing, presenting, organizing and communicating it takes to keep moving at the speed of the academic calendar. Better…


Bing Search in Academia

Microsoft Bing is more than an internet search engine As a academic your day is filled with non-stop time commitments, class preparation and on-going research. Microsoft Office can help you handle the writing, presenting, organizing and communicating it takes to keep moving at the speed of the academic calendar. Better organization. Discover the ways OneNote…


Free Microsoft Certification Exam Vouchers for Students

UK Students Get a FREE Microsoft Certification Exam from DreamSpark The job market can be a tough ride, but it doesn’t have to be.  Boost your CV and your job prospects by getting Microsoft Certified. Right now, you can get a FREE Microsoft Certification Exam Voucher to help you get started.  Recuritment managers look for Microsoft…


University move services to the Azure Cloud

University  offers students a lifelong web-based resource called iPortfolio The iPortfolio service supports reflective learning for students of the institution and provides a useful job-hunting tool after they graduate.   To permanently host the ever-growing amount of iPortfolio data was a daunting storage challenge for Institutions IT staff, and their original solution was expensive and…