The London Quantum Computing Meetup – Join the future revolution

Quantum computing takes a giant leap forward from today’s technology—one that will forever alter our economic, industrial, academic, and societal landscape. In just hours or days, a quantum computer can solve complex problems that would otherwise take billions of years for classical computing to solve. This has massive implications for research in healthcare, energy, environmental…


Azure Notebooks Overview with Shahrokh Mortazavi Free hosted Jupyter Python/R/F# REPL for learning

Learn more about the FREE Jupyter Notebooks services which is hosted on Azure with a interview with  Shahrokh Mortazavi Azure Notebooks Lead, So Azure Notebooks are free hosted Jupyter Python/R/F# REPL for learning to program all the way to mastering Data Science. Azure Notebooks Project Jupyter


University of Oxford’s Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme Data Hack

Guest blog by Ellen Pasternack, DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford About me   Hi! I’m Ellen Pasternack, a DPhil candidate in the University of Oxford’s Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme. LinkedIn: I’m studying sexual selection in red jungle fowl, and I also blog about biology at As part of my training…


Treasure hunting with Microsoft Computer Vision – a Hack Cambridge Project

Guest blog by Microsoft Student Partner Team Lead, Shu Ishida, University of Oxford About me My name is Shu Ishida, and I am a third year engineering student at the University of Oxford and team lead for the Microsoft Student Partner Chapter at Oxford. I am into web development and design, and my ambition is…


Getting started building an iOS Offline App using

This a post based on my colleague Anze Vodovnik demo at this Cambridge Hack The following is a short step by step tutorial on how to build a .NET core application and run this on Apple iPhone X with no connectivity Getting Started To get started, go to You’ll be greeted by a…


Using and building an Android application offline image identification app

With the recent release of offline custom vision for iOS and CoreML  You can now build offline model to Android devices The following sample application demonstrates how to take a model exported from the Custom Vision Service in the TensorFlow format and add it to an application for real-time image classification. Prerequisites Android…


Get your teams registered now for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018

Students who create technology that solves real-world problems are being invited to enter a Microsoft competition with a grand prize worth $100,000. The company is looking for young developers in the UK to enter the Imagine Cup, one of the world’s leading contests for young entrepreneurs. Submissions for the UK final are now being…


Azure CLI Image Copy Extension – allows you to copy virtual machine images between regions with just one command.

This is an extension to azure cli that allows copying virtual machine images between regions with just one command. The extension simplifies the process and also enables you to save time by copying to multiple regions in parallel. This is now becoming a question I am getting a lot from UK Academics who now wish…


Azure Internet of Things Edge Development Resources

Everyone’s talking about The Internet of Things (IoT) Some businesses and consumers have already begun embracing it wholeheartedly. Others want to understand it better than they do. And many find the whole idea a bit overwhelming and aren’t sure where to start. Here a typically overview of IOT solution and technologies which could be used…


Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud Red Shirt Tour

Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group VENUE INFO Birmingham, United Kingdom National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham B40 1NT United Kingdom For transportation options and directions, visit National Exhibition Centre (NEC). Tech Summit Birmingham | January 25, 2018 Learn how to better develop, deploy, and manage cloud…