Q# Advent Calendar 2018

To celebrate the festive season, our friends over in the Q# team are running a Q# Advent Calendar with a new post every day from 1st-24th December! Check it out to learn more about everything from quantum simulation to solving the Travelling Santa Problem to why amplitudes are complex! Frances and I have also contributed…


Providing Students access to centrally provided Azure Resources when they do not have Azure Subscription credentials

Using Azure Managed Service Identity (MSI) to provide students access to Azure Resources To learn how to use managed identities to access different Azure resources, try these tutorials. Learn how to use a managed identity with a Windows VM: Access Azure Data Lake Store Access Azure Resource Manager Access Azure SQL Access Azure Storage by…


Data Science Virtual Machine with GPU for $0.18/Hour using Low Priority VMs

Deploy cheaper low priority (preemptable) instances of Ubuntu Data Science Virtual Machine ‘DSVM’ using the Microsoft Azure portal Deploy to Azure via Github -We have a set of deploy to Azure Scripts available to deploy the low priority VM simply click the link below There are additional scripts here on the DSVM GitHub repo for…


Microsoft Technology Associate Certification at the University of Lincoln

Guest Post by Dr. Derek Foster, Principal Lecturer in Computer Science, School of Computer Science University of Lincoln.   The School of Computer Science (SoCS) at Lincoln has seen rapid growth in both student and staff numbers in recent years, recently appointing four new Professors to extend its research focus and base. Domiciled within the…


Azure Notebooks new UI And Project Features–Get your academic course content showcased.

Refreshed Azure Notebooks User Interface The Azure Notebook team last week launched a refreshed user interface at https://notebooks.azure.com; Some of the new enhancements included the following 1. Libraries are now more appropriately named projects. They function just like the libraries you are used to, but we’ve made it easier to create and maintain your content….


Kusto Query Language with Azure Notebooks and Azure Data Explorer

Getting Started with KQL Microsoft Azure notebooks http://notebooks.azure.com now supports KQL, which enables notebooks to query big data stores such as Azure Log Analytics and Application Insights Analytics. You can get started using the KQL Sample notebooks in GitHub. This becomes even more interesting as Azure Data Explorer and its documentation is an excellent place…


Microsoft Azure Notebooks and Additional Compute Capacity via connecting to Data Science VMs

If you sign into  Azure Notebooks http://notebooks.azure.com with an account associated with an Azure Subscription you will enjoy easier and deeper integration with your Azure resources including access to increased resource capacity. Azure Notebooks has offered FREE CPU compute, but users who have or sign up for with an Azure subscriptions can create Linux Data…


Learning resources for DevOps.

Guest post by Microsoft Developer Advocate Aaron (Ari) Bornstein, this content is perfect if your looking at developing a course or learning material for students on getting to grips with DevOps. Follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/pythiccoder and Medium at https://medium.com/@aribornstein Reference Architectures CI/CD for Containers CI/CD for Azure Web Apps CI/CD for Azure VMs…


Remote Collaboration on Python Projects with VSCode

  Guest post by Robert Jordan and Noah Gift Bios Robert is a software architect with over 20 years designing, implementing, and deploying production applications for some of the worlds largest media and scientific customers. He is a founder at Pragmatic AI Labs: https://paiml.com/ Noah is a ML lecturer for UC Davis Graduate School of…


Building Medical Applications and need access to a FHIR Server welcome to FHIR on Azure

A key challenge for lots of Bio Medical, Bio Engineering and CS students, is building real code based on industry best practices and standards. Many students, today have project tasks and assignments around gaining these specific skills. One of the most popular set of projects is around developing/building/deploying application for use within Healthcare. As part…