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At today' Day 1 of Microsoft Future Decoded


The team from StationQ announced the future of Quantum computing at Microsoft.

If your interested in learning more about the announcements and the availability of Quantum programming and support simply visit



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  1. Lee Stott says:

    Microsoft’s new Quantum Development Kit

    Along with a quantum computing simulator and other resources found in SDKs, the kit includes the purpose-built Q# programming language, a domain-specific language used for expressing quantum algorithms. It provides a small set of primitive types, along with the ability to create new structured types via either arrays or tuples. It includes basic procedural constructs for writing programs such as loops and if/then statements, with top-level constructs being user defined types, operations and functions.

    Q# Standard Library: The library contains operations and functions that support both the classical language control requirement and the Q# quantum algorithms.
    Local Quantum Machine Simulator: A full state vector simulator optimized for accurate vector simulation and speed.
    Quantum Computer Trace Simulator: The trace simulator does not simulate the quantum environment like the local quantum simulator. It is used to estimate the resources required to execute a quantum program and also allow faster debugging of the non-Q# control code.
    Visual Studio Extension: The extension contains templates for Q# files and projects as well as syntax highlighting. The extension also installs and creates automatic hooks to the compiler.

    Download these at

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