Imagine Cup Winner 2017 – Team X.GLU of the Czech Republic

Team X.GLU of the Czech Republic are the 2017 Imagine Cup champions.

1st Place

X.GLU’s project is a combination hardware and Microsoft Azure cloud solution designed to help people with diabetes better cope with the disease’s symptoms. As the victors, X.GLU wins a mentoring session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, $100,000 in cash, a $125,000 Azure Grant and a trip to the 2018 Build developer conference.

2nd Place

Team Oculogx of the United States, which built a mixed reality app that uses HoloLens and Microsoft Azure to improve the process and experience for locating items in large warehouses.

3rd Place

Team Nash of Argentina for its project, RESCUE, a Microsoft Azure-powered platform that uses drones to reduce response times during natural disasters.

4th Place

Team NeuroGate of Canada, which created a solution that uses Microsoft Kinect motion data and machine learning to analyze gait patterns and diagnose potential neurodegenerative diseases.

The road to the World Finals

Tens of thousands of students with an idea on how to change the world using code. They then spent months developing their solutions, go-to-market plans and competing in National Finals across the globe. Then 54 teams from 39 countries were selected to compete in the World Finals.

Congratulations to UK Team SEAT from UCL who made it through to the Quarter Finals

Read more and watch all the video from the event

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