UCL Data Science Student Challenge 11th/12th March 2017


The UCL Data Science Student Challenge is part of a global series of Hackathons. These events are designed to ignite a passion for the amazing things made possible by Data Science and to help students develop the skills necessary to harness the power of analytics.


A variety of learning resources will be made available and the hackathon will suit students with a background in Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering, Statistics, Analytics and Math.


With a substantial prize pool, as well as t-shirts and other swag for all participants, it’s a great opportunity to build your skills, meet other top students, academics and researcher, have fun and win great prizes.

The UCL Data Science Student Challenge is a collaboration between UCL Department of Computer Science and Microsoft.

Events Schedule

Saturday 11th March Start: 2pm
Sunday 12th March End: 5pm

More details and Registration http://www.ucl.dsschack.com/

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