Migrating Azure Services between different Azure Subscriptions


One of the key issues student and academic potentially face during projects or assignments is the ability to move data between Azure Subscriptions.

The link https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/documentation/articles/resource-group-move-resources/ has a full walk through of the various scenarios.

The migration feature is changing a fast rate i.e. weeks so it depends what you want to move and new features are being added to Azure approx every 3 weeks..

At present 22/09/2016 Not every service can be moved but the plans for Azure at all services will eventually be able to one click migrated.

The services that currently do not support moving are:

  • Application Gateway
  • Application Insights
  • Express Route
  • Recovery Services vault - also do not move the Compute, Network, and Storage resources associated with the Recovery Services vault, see Recovery Services limitations.
  • Virtual Machines Scale Sets
  • Virtual Networks (classic) - see Classic deployment limitations
  • VPN Gateway

But simply put if you open the resource group of what you want to move, then go to the EDIT subscription link (a pen icon – No.1 below). You can edit the subscription name.

Within the resource group it tells you what you CAN and CANNOT move (nos 2 and 3 in the image below below).



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  1. Lee Stott says:

    If your struggling to Migrate services you can also create a support ticket

    To migrate data or move subscriptions between different Microsoft Accounts, follow these steps:
    Go to Azure support site
    Click on “Get Support”
    Select “Billing” for support type:
    Select migrate a subscription or data, go with the option “Subscription transfer and Migrations”
    In the Category, you can be more specific with your request
    On the final page, enter contact information

    Once you submit the ticket, a representative from the Azure Support team will be in touch via Email or Phone to confirm the details with you.

    Key things to consider

    Administer should ideally be the same for both source and target subscriptions
    Microsoft Azure Data Migration/Data Transfer Pre-requisites
    Ensure you review each point before submitting a service ticket:
    The source as well as destination subscription should be active,
    We do not support selective service transfer. i.e. transfer selected hosted service, storage service from one subscription to another. It Destination subscription must be completely empty. If there is any data on the destination, we will be performing a force migration which will transfer the data.
    Source subscription and destination subscription must have the same service admin (at least till the migration completes). 

    List of services that can be migrated

    Virtual Machines
    Cloud Services
    Web sites
    Media Services
    Service Bus
    Multi Factor Authentication
    Traffic Manager
    Mobile Services
    Virtual Network
    Access Control Service (ACS)
    Caching – we need to work with Engineering Team for migrating caching service
    Reserved IP Address and the Reserved IPs under the list

    Self- serve Migration:
    SQL DB

    These are the services that cannot be moved:
    Active Directory (AAD)
    BizTalk Services
    HD Insight
    Hyper-V Recovery Manager
    Azure Store
    Import / Export
    Management Services
    SQL Reporting

    Additionally  follow these steps to change the Service Administrator if it’s not same: 
    Login in to https://account.windowsazure.com.
    Click ‘Subscriptions.
    Select the subscription
    Click “Edit subscription details.
    Note: the Service Administrator needs to be the same for both target and source subscriptions.

    1. Ajay says:

      Got clarity from your post. Thank you so much.

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