Are you or your class mates building/creating amazing Student Projects?


So have your done are you doing amazing Student projects using Microsoft Technologies?


The Students at UCL Studying GC02 have created some amazing projects based around Microsoft technology, GC02 introduces the concepts and methods required for the design and construction of apps software systems. The course aims to develop a broad understanding of the disciplines of software engineering, project management and human computer interaction (HCI). It seeks to complement this with a detailed knowledge of techniques for the analysis, design and implementation of complex software intensive systems. It aims to set these techniques in an appropriate engineering, societal and managerial context. It applies the principles of OO programming (COMPGC01) in parallel with the development of apps via learning-by-doing and problem based learning (PBL) approaches.

What's interesting from my perspective is this module is an intensely practical module and student engagement outside of lectures and in lab classes is critical to successful completion of the module. To ensure that the process of designing and implementing mobile and cloud applications is fully understood, the module requires students to undertake a major group project where they must work with an external client to develop and deliver a working application. As Microsoft we set an number of technology briefs which take students through all the stages of a software development project, applying the concepts taught via lectures and online material. Outcomes in addition to the software deliverable include real-world client engagement, team management and project documentation deliverables. 

A successful project will not only deliver a working application but also have it ready either for distribution via an app store or for handover as research materials or continuation as a student project for next years cohort. The interaction with clients to develop software meeting real-world needs and practical understanding of the human-computer interaction methods is a unique and defining characteristic of this module, and provides students with a thorough introduction to the processes and challenges involved.

Here are some of the Learning Outcomes of the module which reinforce the need for professional experience and engagement

After completing the module attendees will:   

  • Be able to demonstrate the principles of appropriate HCI, project management and software engineering methods.
  • Be able to design, document and implement the software for a real-world client application, which could be a mobile app, cloud app or webservice.
  • Be able to design and implement graphical user interfaces suitable for scaling on multiple devices and resolutions.
  • Have experience of effective team work methods, project documentation and project organisation skills.
  • Have experience of interacting with a real client with user centred design methods considerations weighted strongly in the design aspect of the project.


Here is an example of one of the recent student projects from GC02


What is really great about this project, is that the team have been recognised internally within Microsoft with the Band to the Pole project being nominated for a Microsoft Ability award


Congratulations Band to the Pole Team!

Congratulations.  You have been nominated for an award at the Ability Summit taking place on April 5-6 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond.  Your team was nominated in the Community Service categoryWe were thrilled to see such a great nomination which talks to your leadership, advocacy and passion for accessibility and inclusion.

The winners in each category will be announced during the General Session from 12 – 1pm on Wednesday, April 6th.   We look forward to celebrating your nomination.

Thank you for all that you do for Microsoft and congratulations again on your nomination! 


So you can do this also

So if you’re playing with Microsoft technology or services and developing amazing student project we want to hear from you and help share your success.

if your interested in using Microsoft Azure within your projects simply ask your academic lead to apply for an Azure Educator Grant

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