Microsoft Azure Service Fabric now for Linux

Linux support should mean developers can build applications using the tools that they’re used to.

Linux is hardly a newcomer to Azure. In fact, one out of every four Azure virtual machines run Linux today and the Azure Marketplace offers more than a thousand community-provided Linux images.

The preview includes support for Yeoman scaffolding and Gradle builds and the SDK packages can be acquired via apt-get. 

The Azure CLI has been integrated,  so you can use a bash shell to operate and manage your applications and cluster, work is underway to enable a native development experience on Mac

We have provided a Vagrant-based setup so that you can easily stand up a local Service Fabric cluster in a VirtualBox VM.

When testing, we needed both a one-box cluster, as well as real multi-machine clusters. 

Preview customers can create Linux SF clusters through the portal. The underlying infrastructure used is the same across Windows and Linux; for example, your cluster is built on the VM Scale Sets that can be automatically scaled up or down based on load.


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