Test your DevOps Skills at the DevOps Factory

In today’s software-driven economy, customers demand more, and businesses need to respond quickly to those demands. To gain a competitive advantage, companies must create, test and release new applications and features faster, and respond to issues instantly.

Puppet Labs published in the 2015 State of DevOps Report that high-performance organizations practicing DevOps ship code 30 times more frequently and experience 1/60th the failures of their lower-performing peers.

How can you compete better through such agility? Welcome to the Devops Factory https://www.thedevopsfactory.com


Explore the 7 departments, also known as Practices, at your own pace.

Learn to  master all or only one. Immerse yourself, learn why you should take advantage of DevOps Practices,

Learn skills around the following areas.

  1. Automated Testing
  2. Continuous Integration (CI)
  3. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  4. Application Performance Mgmt (APM)
  5. Continuous Deployment (CD)
  6. Release Management
  7. Configuration Management


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