Microsoft HockeyApp–Distribute Beta Versions of your iOS, Android and Windows apps


The world's best developers develop the world’s best apps for iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows on HockeyApp.

Distribute beta versions, collect live crash reports, get feedback from real users and analyze test coverage.

Bring DevOps to your apps by integrating with your existing build and work item management.

Key features of Microsoft HockeyApp


Build and upload your apps to HockeyApp. Testers can now download and install them. You have full control of who can access which app. Think of it as your personal App Store for testing.
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Crash Reports

Nobody wants their app to crash. But when it happens HockeyApp provides you with the right information at your fingertips, like symbolicated stack traces and environment details.
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There are many crash reporting services and all claim to provide the best crash reports.  is a crash reporting test suite presented by HockeyApp that benchmarks and compares popular iOS and Mac OS X crash reporting services. In our effort to ensure the best possible and most accurate crash reports.

Two components are involved in the crash reporting process:

  1. A crash reporting framework that can be embedded into apps to capture crashes and exceptions.

  2. A server-side process that symbolicates the crash reports to add details like class names, filenames, line numbers, and additional information like the reason.

Both components in this process are important, so even if a service is using the same framework as another service, the crash report can still be quite different.

CrashProbe is open source, so you can perform all tests yourself with any crash reporting framework. Compare the quality of the symbolicated crash reports yourself on iOS and OS X. The source code is available under the MIT license on GitHub.


Testing your app is way more than preventing crashes. With HockeyApp, your testers can provide valuable feedback and suggest new features or improvements right from the app.
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Test Coverage

HockeyApp provides you with analytics about which devices and languages your testers have already covered and where you need to spend some additional testing effort for full coverage.
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Sophisticated team-management features make distributing applications to different sets of test users quick and easy. Full access control included.
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Well-suited for large companies developing many different apps. HockeyApp integrates with your environment and scales with your needs to achieve the best Mobile DevOps experience.
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