Unity Game Developer Contest 2016 1st Prize $25,000



Taking your game to Windows is a cinch, and Microsoft has published some handy guidelines to walk you through the process. Once you’re done, publish to Windows Store, and you’ll connect with an audience of over 110 million. Plus, who knows, you could win up to $25,000. Lovely!

1st prize $25,000

2nd prize $10,000

3rd prize $5,000

Honourable mentions - 1 Unity Pro license

The deadlines

We recommend publishing your game to Windows Store by January 27th, 2016

For entering your published game in the contest: February 10th, 2016


If you have not published to the Windows Store before, please allow for several weeks before the January 27, 2016 deadline to submit your game.

Judging Criteria

Quality of submission (50%)

How polished, detailed and visually appealing is your game? How well do you use special effects, audio and physics to develop immersive gameplay? How intuitive is your user experience? Is the game stable and does it follow best practices for app development?

Creativity and originality (30%)

Is your design based on a new, unique and differentiated idea? Did you create something that pushes the boundaries of imagination?

Technical excellence (20%)

Is your game so fast, fluid and optimized that others will appreciate your craftsmanship skills? Did you leverage Windows platform features such as contracts, touch, game hubs, live tiles, notifications, sensors or speech as applicable, to create engaging interactions? Does your game target multiple devices?

Enter now



Getting Started with Windows 10 and Unity3d http://mva.microsoft.com

· Unity is now at 5.3 

o Release notes

· WebGL Updates in Unity 5.3

· Unity 5.2.3.p3 released

Windows 10 Unity asset for Azure, Social and cloud services https://github.com/Microsoft/unityplugins/branches

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