ID@Xbox and the Opportunity of Windows 10 and Xbox One


Want to know more about the Xbox One and Windows 10 game development

Well I have the perfect thing watch this short interview with  Chris Charla from Microsoft's ID@Xbox program he discussed the top questions we get from developers about the independent development on Xbox One and Windows 10.

So if you have questions like

What is ID@Xbox and how does it work?
What is Windows 10 and the Universal App Platform?
Why be a part of ID@Xbox on Windows 10?
What's the process & how do i sign up?
What types of games are we looking for? All types!  
What excites Chris most about the program?
GDC 2016?

Then this a must watch..

ID@Xbox enables qualified game developers to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Live. Find out more or sign-up at

You can keep you to date on game development on Windows 10 at and watch more from Level UP at

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