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Welcome to the Hour of Code Microsoft Event Toolkit we have a dedicated web site at


Fancy running an Hour of Code session at your school, college or University?

You can download the Microsoft Event Toolkit to receive a free facilitator guide, quick tip sheet, PowerPoint slides, and brief orientation video. You can also join a free Preparation Webinar with live chat for questions and answers. Download your Toolkit today, and get ready to lead your own Hour of Code

Download the toolkit for Microsoft Partners and Public


Are you interested in leading an Hour of Code, an annual event designed to share the joy of coding with students of all ages?

Get ready, with this practical, 45-minute webinar!

Download the free Microsoft Hour of Code Event Toolkit, and then join the experts (pick from a morning or evening session) for an overview of the kit, helpful tips and advice from the experts, and a live Q&A session. The toolkit includes a facilitator guide, a quick tip sheet, PowerPoint slides, an orientation video, and more, so you can lead with confidence.

To express our commitment to increase access to computer science education to all youth around the globe, Microsoft is providing everything one needs to lead their own Hour of Code. The Hour of Code™ is a campaign to show anyone they can learn the basics of computer science. The 2015 Hour of Code campaign is during Computer Science Education Week, December 7–13, 2015. The Hour of Code™ campaign is owned and managed by the United States-based nonprofit Code.org. The campaign is backed by over 100 partners and spans more than 180 countries and over 30 languages. Microsoft is a top execution partner for the Hour of Code™ campaign.

REGISTER NOW - Hour of Code  preparation webinar for the general public

Tuesday, December 01, 2015
8:00-8:45am and 5:00-5:45pm PST

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